The Colors of Our Memories: A Photo Gallery by @deadiadua


Never underestimate the power of colors in photography. They can transport you back to moments long gone in a snap.

Credits: deadiadua

Lomographer @deadiadua knows this all too well and the memories in her life are all represented by vivid colors and beautiful tones. Her album, The Colors of Our Memories combine beautiful visual elements like patterns, framing, and striking colors with the bittersweet tones of memories and nostalgia. It's really amazing how certain elements can come together and paint an image filled with mood and feelings. Photographs will always have that power to remind us with just a quick glance, even if we sometimes forget.

Credits: deadiadua

We would like to thank @deadiadua for letting us feature her work in the Magazine. Be sure to drop by her Lomohome to see more of her photos!

written by cheeo on 2020-09-10 #people #places #gallery #deadiadua

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  1. garrysingh638
    garrysingh638 ·

    some memories stop time, some memories teach us, some memories become great with time

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