The Quiet Charm of Yokohama


Alessandro Calabrese (aka @bluecorals) is an Italian artist based in Yokohama, Japan. He captures vibrant photographs that are spontaneous yet thoughtfully-composed. His favorite subjects? Retro-old buildings, storefronts, and abandoned corners.

Credits: bluecorals

He finds excitement in forgetting about the film rolls that he has shot, developing them after weeks or months, and rediscovering the scenes that he has captured. The best feeling, he says, is sitting in a cafe and enjoying a cup of coffee while checking the film photos in his hands.

Credits: bluecorals

Ale's keen eye for detail and the way he frames his shots make each photo seem like a scene from a nostalgic film. Everything in Japan, particularly Yokohama, inspires him—from the sky to little things like a rusty can at a corner of an old house.

Credits: bluecorals

Usually, when people first travel to Japan, they are most likely to visit the busier areas in Tokyo. If you want to take a break from the frenzy, Ale recommends exploring the more laid-back city of Yokohama.

"Yokohama is a really big area with lots of beautiful corners from the harbour until the suburbs. What I like the most here is the peaceful mood and the kind people who live here. I never had any problems with taking street shots. If you have the chance to visit here, do it! Just choose an area around here without planning too much and get lost in it, explore and enjoy!"
Credits: bluecorals

See more of Ale's lovely snapshots taken during photo walks on his LomoHome or Instagram. He is hoping to shoot some portraits, drop him a line if you wish to collaborate!

written by shhquiet on 2020-09-28 #japan #yokohama


  1. mchlsnchz
    mchlsnchz ·

    Yokohama is dope. I miss Japan :(

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  3. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    well done

  4. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    Cool, thoughtful shots!

  5. bluecorals
    bluecorals ·

    @pmonroe thank you sir! heheh

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