Instant Portraits Taken With the New Lomograflok 4x5 Instant Back


Instant photography using large-format cameras is not a novel endeavor. However, instant film stock for large-format cameras is becoming harder to come by year after year. The new Lomograflok 4x5 Instant Back answers this dilemma by allowing us to capture portraits on an instant film that is readily available. Developed together with professional large-format photographers, we introduce the world’s first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras designed for Fujifilm Instax Wide.

© Jahan Saber; © Birgit Buchart; © Dilokchai Ratanadilokchai

Large-format instant portraiture has a distinct quality and tangibility which is mostly unparalleled. The shallow depth-of-field, sharp area of focus, and a certain inexplicable allure are just a few of the qualities the format lends to these instant portraits.

© Jahan Saber; © Birgit Buchart; © Joshua Redfearn; © Naomi Davison; © Dilokchai Ratanadilokchai

Thank you, Jahan Saber, Birgit Buchart, Dilokchai Ratanadilokchai, Joshua Readfearn, and Naomi Davison for these stunning portraits!

We would also like to thank the models, Charlotte Pelleray, Julien Piscioneri, Brittney Bringuez, Chatchong Kongdee, Idil, and Rosaleen.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Nice 👍 but I think shoot with 4x5 photo paper are more cooler haha sorry, opinion from not yet having large format camera

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