A Purple Summer in Albquerque by Michael Bovee

It's only as of recent since Michael Bovee a.k.a. mjbovee became more into analogue photography, and he's having a blast with the level of spontaneity and uncertainty film brings to his work. Let's visit his views of a summery Albuquerque captured in the surreal LomoChrome Purple film.

Credits: mjbovee

This all reignited in Michael when he rediscovered a Nikkormat FT when he was cleaning his basement a few months ago. He decided to try it out, and he's loving the routine more and more ever since.

Michael took photographs of anything alive during the summer in Albuquerque. The city is known for being hot and lethargic, with intense sunlight. He shares to us that he goes up on a little mountain range every now and then on the east side of the city. He often visits there during the winter. Recently he thought of checking the place during the summer. Michael is fascinated with how an area looks when contextualized in different seasons.

"I almost exclusively shoot film outside and rarely set out with the intention to shoot anything in particular; the process is almost meditative for me and allows me to examine my situated-ness in relation to my milieu."
Credits: mjbovee

He was specific on capturing the vibrancy of his summer photographs, especially with plants and flowers. To add some spice to these images, he used the LomoChrome Purple film. Apart from being his favorite color, he chose the formula as it compels him to be on an experimental mindset. Though attentive with the details, Michael wants a percentage of uncertainty involved in his image-making.

"You can put certain controls in place, but you still don't really know if/how your photos will turn out for certain until they're developed. This film further enhances that uncertainty - I found myself shooting things I may pass over as banal under other circumstances simply because I had very little idea about what the images it produces would look like. It was a lot of fun."

Thus, the images turned out to be very psychedelic yet sharp and crisp, as if reality has always been this groovy and exciting.

The pandemic has become a blessing in disguise for Michael. Despite getting hit by bouts of anxiety, ennui, boredom sometimes even all at once, his creative life keeps nourishing:

"I think that's really opened up a space for me to re-engage with and explore the world in a new way. I've also had more time on my hands than usual and shooting photos has been a fun way to pass the time."
Credits: mjbovee

Lately, he's been experimenting with black and white photography and recently developed his first roll. Michael thinks his direction is towards black and white photography as he's also looking forward to using Lomography's Fantôme and Babylon films.

Visit Michael's LomoHome for more of his works. Secure and stock up on film by visiting the Online Shop. We'll have them shipped to you and lessen your worries.

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