A Monochrome Day in Japan: @kunishi Shoots with the Lomogon Art Lens


One quick glance at these photos from community member @kunishi and you might think that it was taken decades ago. The moody setting, the classy effect of black and white, and the apparent absence of people also add to the dramatic dynamic of the shots. The easy giveaway that these were taken recently are the face masks.

Credits: kunishi

@kunishi took these somber monochrome images with the Lomogon Art Lens during one of his strolls around his hometown in Japan. We're loving the rich tones of these monochrome shots and the street photography theme. The Lomogon Art Lens lent itself well to the street photos with its crisp image quality, capturing all the details in the shots. Its wide-angle shooting capability also helped in painting Japan's iconic street scenes.

Credits: kunishi

Loved these monochrome vignettes of life in Japan? You can see more in this album from @kunishi.

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