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From sunny to California to the heavy rains of the UK, post-hardcore band Movements has conquered the hearts all across the Atlantic. Composed of guitarist Ira George, drummer Spencer York, bassist Austin Cressey, and Vocalist Patrick Miranda, the band tied some rhythmic melodies with lyrics that address mental health, as well as heartbreak or even Alzheimer's disease. But beyond music, the band has a knack for snapping everything and anything they feel a connection to on film. With some Simple Use Film Cameras, the band caught some studio session as well as some spontaneous hanging time together on film. We talked to them about their relationship to film and music, but especially about their upcoming album and contest, they're organizing!

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Welcome to the Lomography Magazine! Can you introduce yourself to our community real quick?

My name is Patrick Miranda and I sing for an alternative rock band called Movements based out of Orange County, California.

How was your experience with the Simple Use Film Camera and can you tell us a little bit about the time frame you documented? What was going on for Movements at that point?

Last fall we spent a couple months in Philadelphia PA recording our second full-length album with our producer Will Yip. We love the simplicity and versatility of the Simple Use cameras and decided it would be the perfect way to document the recording process.
The simple use camera is really cool because each photo is unique and they all turn out differently. Plus, you can use the different colored filters to give each photo a different vibe which we really enjoyed.

Then we had been on an unofficial hiatus from touring to focus all of our efforts into writing and recording the new album.

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For what reason did you decide to document the band's adventures on film?

Everyone in the band is really into photography and over the last few years, we have all become more interested in film photography and the culture around it. We feel that film is more authentic and gives each photo more life.

Any memorable moments or stories from the time at the studio?

The studio can get boring when you’re waiting to record your part, so we often will challenge each other to games of horse using a miniature basketball hoop in the lounge area. So far the reigning champion is our producer Will but he and our guitar player Ira go head to head multiple times a day. It’s a fun way to pass the time and encourage friendly competition.

You even made a little book of memories out of your photos, right? Can you tell us about that and how people can sign up to win?

We wanted to do something special using the photos we have taken on both the simple use camera and our Lomo instant wide. So, I came up with the idea to get prints of each photo and then put them into a photo album. The art theme for the whole record is collage based so I customized each photo album with a one of a kind collage using paper mache. It was a long and painstaking process but the result is something I think the winners will find extremely special. We will be posting the details of the giveaway and how you can enter to win on our social media pages soon!

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Can you tell us a little bit about the upcoming album? What should people expect this time?

We are very excited to finally be releasing new music and we feel that this album is by far the best collection of songs that we have ever written. Fans can expect a definite growth and progression in our sound but still the same vibe that has always made Movements, Movements.

In what way are music and visuals connected for you?

I think that adding a visual aspect to music can really affect how that particular piece of music is interpreted by the listener. I think it adds a level of emotion and authenticity you might not feel just by listening.

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Do you have a favorite photograph from your series?

My favorite photo in the series is the last one that we took. It’s a photo of the four band members and Will on the last day of tracking after we had finished the album. In my opinion, the feeling of joy and accomplishment that this photo has outweighs every other photo in the series.

© Movements

Any final words you'd like to direct to our Lomography community?

Thanks for having us! You can check out our new album ‘No Good Left To Give’ on Spotify or wherever you get your music!

Head over found.ee to enter the contest, and fanlink to pre-save their newest album! And to stay updated with the band's latest news, follow them on Instagram and Spotify .

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