Rhythms of Realities: a Photo Gallery by @arseniusanomalius

The Lomography community is indeed made up of great talents and creative minds. As we dive into the thousands of albums of our members, we never fail to discover something new and exciting every day. Such is the case of @arseniusanomalius. Stumbling upon his work was an act of coincidence. Getting interested in the frames, however, was a choice sparked by intrigue. Learn more about him and his work in this quick interview.

Credits: arseniusanomalius

Where do you draw inspiration from?

From everywhere: nature elements such as rain, wind, and snow. From technologies, music, flora, and fauna, architecture, tales, superstitions, etc, time flow in human perception

What makes you choose film in this day and age?

I was born when digital photography hasn't existed yet. This is a kind of appeal to the origins - a possibility to view and capture reality as our ancestors did. Film is like a living organism: it reacts to time and its qualities change: it gets old, reacts to the influence of the environment, which makes it possible to use these features in photography. Working with analogue cameras and films bring a special rhythm of interaction with the physical world.

Credits: arseniusanomalius

Your series with red and blue colors are bold and striking. What's the story behind it?

I've always been interested in the topic of combining different realities, historical times, and beings. The whole concept is based on my conversations with friends about quantum theories, reflections on time and space, theories of chances and general relativity, plurality of the realities... That is the reason why the method of multiple exposure has been chosen. Searches, exploring, and experimenting on composition are also very important aspects for me.

How do you come up with your concepts?

Some topics are especially interesting for me, but the idea of the photo may appear completely unexpectedly and any event or act can become a trigger.

Credits: arseniusanomalius

How would you describe your photography?

Curiosity, observation of the dynamics, and statics of the world around. Mixing of contradictions. A synthesis that can result in something bizarre, strange. Something between documentary and fantasy, visualized with the help composition and color.

But first of all, these are the questions to yourself - what if reality is being shifted, distorted? What would it be like? Emptiness? A world without humans? Natural result or coincidence? The contingency plays a major role in my works. But there are projects and photos also which most important sense is to capture and to transmit the existing moment in its pure but relative beauty.

We would like to thank Arseniy for letting us feature his images in the Magazine.

written by cheeo on 2020-09-01 #people #film-photography

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