Bikes of the World: Pedaling on to a Greener Future

The current global health crisis brought about by the pandemic has given all of us much time to think about where we're going next. It's safe to say that it has impacted all of us in more ways than one and maybe it's the right time to talk about how we can change the way we live for the better.

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One industry that had been greatly affected by the worldwide pandemic is tourism and transportation. As people are reminded daily to keep a safe distance to help stop the spread of COVID-19, choosing to ride bicycles is becoming a more viable option now more than ever. Imagine not having to wait at the bus stop to queue for the next trip, minimizing contact and the possibility of transmitting the virus while on your daily commute. Sounds good, right?

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It's a little change that we can and should consider whenever applicable. It's a sound transport alternative for people who commute daily to work and school. It's also healthier and more inexpensive than relying on cars to get us from one place to another on our daily errands. The world doesn't need to stop in its tracks if we can decide to pedal on and keep it turning. And besides, cycling can give us more time to appreciate the world we have, despite the challenges that we all face today.

Snap a photo of your two-wheeled Earth-saving machine and the places you see on your way to your next destination. It's a good way to take your mind off all the crazy things that are happening right now, not to mention a good excuse to get creative with your camera and films.

Have you got photos of your bike or the places you've been meaning to revisit once all of this blows over? Share them in the comments section below and let's inspire one another to keep pedaling on! A life behind bars (handlebars, that is) can be fun and exciting, too.

written by cheeo on 2020-08-23 #culture #news #bikes #cycling

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