Impressions of the LomoChrome Purple by Marcus Smith

Marcus Smith is Founder and Head of MARCA Design and is an avid film photographer. We first saw his photos in this series about Lomographers on lockdown.

He got into film photography back in 2013. He wanted to get into photography way earlier but didn't have the money for a worthwhile digital camera.

I liked the look and design of old cameras, so I managed to pick up a Canon TX off of eBay for £20. I had been doing it on and off since then, then about 3 years ago I was reading and learning more about it. I fell down the rabbit hole and got obsessed with it ever since!
Credits: Marcus Smith

As a designer, Marcus says that the interaction between people and objects or surroundings always intrigues him.

I think we all have this longing for something tangible, something real. And I think the whole process of film photography is an extremely good example of this. Everything about it. From how it looks, the feel of it, the sound of it. Even the smell of a roll of film all this adds up to a unique experience that keeps you in the present and keeps you connected to the moment. It’s an experience that’s lost from say taking a photo on a phone. Where you can take 200 images of one thing and not find any meaning in any of the photos. Another reason why I enjoy film photography is how accidents, mistakes, and imperfections can help to create something better than you had envisioned it. I think we live in a society obsessed with perfection, but when actually the beauty of imperfection can be just as good.
Credits: Marcus Smith

Marcus used a Canon FT Ql with a 50mm F1.4 lens for these LomoChrome Purple photos but picked up a broken Canon A1 on eBay in June after he fixed it and started using that. "I think the more golden looking photos were taken with that using the same lens."

This photo set is part of an ongoing photo series that he's putting together throughout the lockdown called The New Abnormal.

Most of the photos were taken around where I live (Llantwit Major) throughout lockdown. I wanted to try and depict the surreal nature of the experience of lockdown. Some of the latest photos have featured photos from when I’ve been in Cardiff and encountering all the new measures brought in. I think that might be the final phase of the project. There's been this arc from over the whole course of lockdown from the gloomy self-portrait to distorted semi-rural surroundings then ending up in a ‘New Normal’ urban environment.
Credits: Marcus Smith

We asked about his thoughts on using the LomoChrome Purple.

It took me few rolls to grips with it. Like learning how it handles light and shadow. The biggest thing was the colour palette once I got my head around that then things just started to click. It’s kinda become my main colour film at the moment while I put together this project. I love the fact it has a variable ISO and that can affect the outcome, that really opens up what you can use it for. I’ve recently been using it for slower shutter tripod photos and been really pleased with the results. The photo taken on the roundabout with the broken road sign in the road and the photo of the cube concrete water tank in the field were taken like this. And I think they’re some of my favourite shots from the series. I want to try and do more portraits with it. I think the colours would throw up some cool results.

To see more of Marcus Smith's design and photo work, visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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