Magic with Realism: Yoshitaka Goto's Surrealism


Lomographer gocchin, a.k.a. Yoshitaka Goto's new series of cross-processed double exposures will blow every analogue soul out there with how he composed these little pieces of nature, scenery, and skies.

Credits: gocchin

The first time Goto got interested was when he got a Splitzer for his LC-A+. The "amazing and crazy" (Goto's words) accessory immediately became one of his favorites, most of his double exposures shot with it.

Goto's well-known in and out of the Lomography Community for his wonderland-like compositions. The surrealism in his work is from pure raw analogue techniques. This time, he shared his incredulous work of crisp and clean photographs that are almost akin to photo-illustrations in Surrealism. This is made during the time he was made to stay at home due to the pandemic. He superimposed together clouds, birds, bottles, and scenery as if giving a piece of the great outdoors during such a tumultuous time.

"When we had to stay home for COVID-19, I thought how I could make double exposures in a room. The answer was to use a shooting box. Originally I love works of René Magritte. So I wanted to try to copy his works by double exposures. The bottle, glass, and birds were symbols of his works."
Credits: gocchin

These images are almost similar to digital clipping masks, but Goto does not like his work process to be simple and easy. Achieving this illustrative quality took patience, hard work, and tenacity for mistakes.

"My multiple exposures do not always succeed. It's always trial and error," he tells us. " However, before shooting with multiple exposures, I think about what kind of composition. I will have it before shooting. Sometimes, one project is planning and preparing where and what to shoot."

Goto's work is best seen through the lens of magic realism: vivid colors, quirky scenery, normal beings and items becoming fantastical through his exemplary eye and spatial skills for forms. Not surprising at all as the artist is fond of Christopher Nolan's films – Inception, one of his favorites and has a lot of hints in his photography.

Credits: gocchin

Lately, Goto's busying himself with exhibiting his work, holding workshop and seminars on artistic analogue techniques such as double-exposure. He'll be having a solo exhibition from 23 July to 10 August in Osaka, Japan.

For more of Goto's works, visit his website, Instagram and LomoHome.

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    very nice,
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    @gocchin is a master of double exposures :D ! the hard work and thought that goes into these really pays off, these are wonderful!

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