See You Soon, or Sometime – by Simon Gerlinger

Photography student Simon Gerlinger from Dortmund likes to explore social and cultural topics and as an author and photographer, he tries to translate them into narratives. His first interest in photography came through skating with his friends and mutual filming and photography.

© Simon Gerlinger

As an assistant to his friend and photographer Philipp Köhler, Simon found his way to analogue photography and, through his photography studies, finally to medium format. His current project, too, is created exclusively in his preferred medium, as the slower and haptic working method proved to be most suitable for the project.

"My last project See you soon, or sometime is about rediscovering home and emotional memories of growing up."
© Simon Gerlinger

Simon is inspired by the work of other photographers and their stories and personalities, but also by travel, foreign countries and cultures and hammock afternoons with a book. The important thing is to observe!

"Photography has opened many doors to people and stories for me and is my favourite excuse to jump over my shadow and discover new people and microcosms."
© Simon Gerlinger
In his compositions Simon tries to use space and light to tell stories. Especially, in portraits it is important to him to work out a story with the people portrayed.
© Simon Gerlinger

He also deals a lot with the subject of home and the ways of life of young people. Simon would like to use photography not only to capture thoughts, feelings and life, but also to understand and look behind the scenes.

"With the situational pictures and overviews I am usually interested in bizarre situations or forms that seem strange and convey a feeling."
© Simon Gerlinger

We also asked Simon about his tips for finding your own voice in photography:

"Photograph, photograph, photograph. I think it's also important to deal with topics and take pictures that are important to you personally. There's no point in fulfilling a cliché and just reproducing images without incorporating your own view. Photograph more for yourself rather than for Instagram or any trends."
© Simon Gerlinger

Many thanks to Simon for sharing his pictures and experiences with us! Check out his website and his Instagram and leave a little love!

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