The Colours of the Bali Sea by Caroline Ruffault With the Lomo LC-A+ and the Krab

A few month before quarantine in France, photographer Caroline Ruffault travelled to Bali. Caroline already shot the Saint-Malo seaside for us with our Petzval 55 Lense. Today, we dive with her in the depths of the Indonesian archipelago. Thanks to the Krab Underwater Housing, Caroline was able to swim with the Lomo LC-A+ camera until 20m (65 feet) beneath the water’s surface.

The artist captured the colors of her aquatic and analogue adventures with our Lomography Color Negative 400 film. We let you discover this great moment of escape and poetry with her photographs which are, for some, at the limit of abstraction.

Photos by Caroline Ruffault taken with the Lomo LC-A+, the Krab Underwater Housing and the Lomography Color Negative 400.

To follow Caroline and see more of her pictures, please visit her Website and her Instagram. She’s also in charge of She Gazes, you can follow the project on Instagram.

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