Painting the Romance: Chinese Community Amigos Draw on Lomo'Instant Cameras


Last month, we invited our community to design a new outfit for the Instant Camera with the theme of love. When we talk about love, what comes to your mind? Love of a lover Love of a friend? Or your hobby?

We received several nice works from participants, they are art school students, professional illustrators, bloggers, photographers, engineers, advertisers, etc. We asked them to illustrate their love of Lomography using our Lomo'Instant Cameras as their canvas. Let's take a look at their work together! Don't forget to tell us which one is your favorite!

Credits: Mainland Xu

How do you know Lomography?

Kisskiss: I accidentally came across Lomography's online shop on Tmall during my sophomore year. Then, I just fell in love with it.

Charis: I started photography because I am a fan of film. In my mind, Lomography is always a symbol, a classic, and an icon of the wildness.

SuperEGG: Because of love.

Wendy: I remember in my photography class, my teacher talked about many camera brands. I was most impressed by the LomoWall, and when she told us that we were shooting with Lomography, I googled the brand and fell in love with it since then.

Do you have anything to talk about love?

Tilda Fan: Love never expects equality.

@Renata_Duan: Love is the greatest human emotion. It doesn't just transcend age, geographical location, gender and race, also across species. We're not the only ones living on this planet, but we are always the rulers. It's more important to take care of the rest of the planet's inhabitants.

Damon Bin: Love is unreserved trust, tolerance and encouragement.

Vivi: I want to tell everyone that the premise of loving others is embracing yourself first.

Credits: Were

Illustrations in Detail

Roses and Hand Bones

When I was thinking about the painting, I wanted to break the traditional stereotype of love and resonate with the public. Every year, a lot of people get sick, such as the Corona virus, HIV, syphilis, etc. And the patient's life might go the other way.

Therefore, I drew different things on both sides of the camera's body to represent the good and the bad. The good side depicts Rose Blossoms, while the oposite side is designed with a skeleton hand holding wilted roses. I want to tell everybody to protect themselves, and love others as well as oneself.

Credits: LimeTetete

Summer Evening Breeze

In the hot months of summer, I really wish for someone to be with in the evening breeze. Sitting quietly together without talking is probably the one of the happiest moments for lovers.

Credits: smd

The Eye Inside and Out

The Eye Inside and Out is to observe and record the outside world through the eye of the camera. It's also an expression of the inner mind. Meditation allows me to focus on my inner awareness and breathing connects me to the nature.The camera is my third eye to the outside world.

Credits: Ivan Tang

Love for The Other Denizens on This Planet

The inspiration is from one of my paintings named Rage Against The Chain and the inspiration behind the painting is from one photo that I took by the Lomography LC-A+.

Left:@Renata_Duan 's painting, Right: Shot with a LC-A+

It was one day in 2014. I was on the streets of Wuhan. There were two macaws chained up to the door outside a restaurant, trying to attract diners. Their eyes were dull and lifeless. I just get angry at humans for doing whatever they want and being so powerless over themselves.

Credits: @Renata_Duan

Illustration Gallery

Credits: Peter Yan, Tilda Fan, Damon Bin, Kisskiss, Monica Lee, Jellyfish, Charis, SuperEGG, Laotu, Eleven, Vivi, Wendy, Preiya Chiang, Lisa, Ivy, Kuma, Siren

Thanks to our participants for creating the great artwork on our Instant Camera. Which piece is your favorite? Let us know!

written by gavintang on 2020-08-01 #gear #culture #people


  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Love those designs. A camera like this could really give on inspiration.

  2. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Gosh, no other comments on these neat designs? I'm thinking of customizing my Holgas like these ideas.

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