People Watching in Quarantine: A Juxtaposition of Conditions in Porto Alegre


The pandemic and its restrictions have affected the family of Lomographer Patricia Schwarz a.k.a. patricialys. Now that things have been more or less bearable, she shares her experience during the seven days she started taking photographs since the quarantine in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Credits: patricialys

The project started on 23 March, when the quarantine began in Brazil. Shot from her bedroom window, she noticed a contrast with how the homeless dealt with the restrictions. Many of them have their things packed with either a single plastic bag or a cart. Some have none at all.

“I tried to trace a paradox between the people that have conditions to isolate at quarantine restrictions and the homeless that not having some conditions to protect themselves like us. Here in South Brazil, we've got a rigorous winter and those people livin' at the streets don't have choices to stay safe in the pandemic. Nor are there any policies to protect the homeless.”
Credits: patricialys

The black and white aesthetic gives more gravity and seriousness with how Patricia depicted these. One of the minor challenges was getting focus from her window as she has a safety net barrier for her cats. The top angle shot consistent in the photographs already clues in the viewers from whose perspective these stories come from. The voyeuristic approach is unsettling but very impactful.

Patricia wishes to share this story to more people through a mosaic in an exhibition.

Credits: patricialys

For more of Patricia’s work, visit her LomoHome.

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