Annalisa Gaeta’s Whimsical Crafted Portraiture

Our eyes have taken attention to Lomographer Annalisa Gaeta a.k.a. annalisa-gaeta87 on how she captures people around her. The portrait photographer’s penchant for dynamic sets and carefully composed imagery makes her body of work a delectable gallery of rebelliousness, grit, assertiveness, and playfulness.

Credits: annalisa-gaeta87

Annalisa began her film photography journey three years ago through a chance encounter with an instant Polaroid camera in a shop called Elvis Live, in Rome. From there, she fell into analogue wonderland. Annalisa’s studies with the Lomo'Instant Automat proves that various film mediums can give different messages.

Something unique about Annalisa’s portraiture with how she uses light and color in her visual language. Her work adapts and revolves around to the vibe of the person in front of her, remaining fluid.

Credits: annalisa-gaeta87

While her portraiture best captures her subject's emotions, Annalisa does not shy away from imaginative compositions. Adding a touch of surrealism to keep things interesting. She plays with makeup, props. Her models are bold and daring with how open they are to her, and it’s seen with the way they their faces and bodies are captured in her work.

“The narrative changes according to the ideas. But if I don't have a specific idea, my thought is simply to try to portray the person in front of me with a better light, study his face and his body and experiment with shadows and lights that change on each of us... I try to make the person I am photographing feel comfortable to make them feel good. I want her to feel beautiful and happy to create something with me.”

Her burst of inspiration come from everyday life — be it a ray of sunshine on someone’s face or a particular movement — and at times from fellow artists on Instagram.

Lately, Annalisa’s been taking her time with her photographic work, portraits with her significant other and best friends suffice for now. She’s experimenting more with outdoor photography keeping social distancing guidelines in mind. Even when she is on her dayjob, she’s keen on organizing concepts for new photo sets.

Credits: annalisa-gaeta87

For more of Annalisa’s works, visit her Instagram.

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