Spontaneity In Multiple Exposures

Lomographers are no strangers to multiple exposures. It's a technique that always elicits wonder and surprise, no matter how long you've been doing it. While it may seem easy, it takes some practice; if you're just starting out, you're at risk for overexposures or images that are too crowded with details. But when executed well, you get photos that are dream-like or poetic.

Credits: lu1kj

Ludovica Dalla (@lu1kj) is an 18-year-old Lomographer from Bologna, Italy. She just finished high school where she studied sculpture, and already, she's shooting lovely photographs, particularly multiple exposures. "I've always been kind of interested in photography. I used to take a lot of photos when I was little, mostly for fun, but I remember writing in an essay that my dream was to fill a room with my photos, a place where I could hide and fly in my memories whenever I felt sad." She was 13 when she first bought a digital camera and learned to use the manual mode.

Credits: lu1kj

Two years later, her parents led her to analogue photography. She completely fell in love with it. "From that time I used an old Nikon FE, waiting for the film to be developed — it was the most exciting thing for me. It adds so much meaning to the shots! I remember in the beginning I sometimes cried when I looked at photos I was really linked to. Then I got interested in photographers and in the developing process. My dad and I created a little camera obscura and I developed some b&w films." The photos are uploaded in her LomoHome albums: neve, fiume, and napoli.

Credits: lu1kj
"I think my photography style is spontaneous and a bit oneiric. What inspires me is imagination and intuition, I simply visualize assonances between images and I try to reproduce them on film. I'm not used to building the photo a lot, I like that subjects, things and light are impressed as they are. Sometimes it seems to me that the photo is taken itself, I think the mnemonic process is the real photographer! A technique to which I am very close is multiple exposures, as soon as I understood how the film worked I tried to overlap the images by reloading the film. I was thrilled with the result and I later found out that my dear Nikon FE had the option to trigger multiple exposures. I started experimenting and controlling more the result, it is undoubtedly my favorite way to shoot."
Credits: lu1kj

We asked her about her favorite photograph so far. "Each photo has a different meaning for me and takes me back to different moments, so I love each one of them differently. I always set myself a different purpose for every film therefore I usually appreciate it more than the previous one."

To date, her favorite would be the whole riflessi album. "I shot that film immediately after the quarantine, during which I had taken a film that I didn't like at all. So I said to myself that I had to redeem myself and I gave free rein to my imagination."

Visit Ludovica's LomoHome to see more of her photos.

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