Hong Kong Photographer Rex Travel With Sprocket Rocket Panoramic Camera

Rex is a Hong Kong-based photographer who loves to travel through city streets. A lover of visual aesthetics, he is currently studying abroad in the U.S.

He brought the Sprocket Rocket Camera with him during his travels around Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, U.S, Vietnam, and of course, Hong Kong, capturing countless memories with the camera's panoramic lens and sprocket holes.

Rex and his Sprocket Rocket Camera

Hi, Rex! Please introduce yourself.

I'm Rex, a native of Hong Kong, now currently majoring in film and minoring in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I hope to become a cinematographer in the future. I usually shoot urban and street photography, but recently I hope to make a new breakthrough so I am trying to shoot different topics.

Photos from Rex' Instagram

Can you talk about your life in the U.S?

Life in the U.S is like go to classes, go to supermarkets, cook, laundry, sleep, and then repeat. That's just a joke. The place where my school is located has a slower pace of life than Hong Kong, so I feel that I have more time than when I was in Hong Kong. Aside from cooking and laundry, there is plenty of personal time. I haven’t been in the United States for a long time, so many things are still very new to me, and I look forward to exploring more different places and learning about the history and culture of different states when I finish my summer holiday and back to school.

© Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

We have a great degree of freedom in creation, also tolerance, and acceptance. From time to time, I would see works that open my eyes. I really enjoy learning and creating with a group of students who love art every day. Discussing with them is my favorite part of school life.

When did you first encounter analogue photography?

When I was in my first year, the freshman photography class required us to use a manual film camera. At that time, I bought the first film camera in my life, which is a Canon A1. I didn’t really know much about exposure until then, and after taking a few rolls, I started to understand the effect of aperture shutter and sensitivity, etc. on photos, and I was fortunate enough to learn a little about processing, scanning, printing, etc. technology.

Photos of Hong Kong © Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

The reason why I continue to shoot film is that it gives me a sense of reality. I like to be able to process each photo on my own and I am always surprised by them.

Where is your favorite place in Hong Kong?

I like to sit on the lower level of Star Ferry to travel between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. You can see the coastline and skyline along the entire Victoria Harbour, the feeling of being surrounded by high-rise buildings is very shocking.

© Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

Why did you get the Sprocket Rocket ?

I always love the panoramic camera, and I found the Sprocket Rocket. It can take panoramic photos and it looks cool so I bought it before I traveled.

Photos from Thailand © Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

Then I realized that this camera has many functions to shoot different types of works, such as double exposure.

The biggest surprise is that parts of the image are also exposed in between the sprocket holes. The overall effect is very special.
Photos of Taiwan © Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

Any tips on how to get the most out of the Sprocket Rocket ?

I like to use negative film with ISO 800. When I can’t buy ISO 800, I will use ISO 400 instead, and push the film to increase the contrast and make the grain rougher.

Photos of Spain © Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

What's your favorite photo?

This photo was taken in the Photo Room of our school in Hong Kong. It can be said that it is the heart of the Department of Photography, witnessing the growth of each one of us in class, which has a very special meaning to me. It's my favorite place in school.

© Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

What are your plans in the future?

Next, I hope to take more portrait photos and story works, if you are interested in cooperation, please feel free to contact me!

Skyline by © Rex Wong | Camera: Sprocket Rocket

Thank you Rex! Please follow his Instagram , LomoHome , Page to see more works!

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