Eva Abeling’s Twilight Scenes with the Lomography Color Negative 800

Photographer Eva Abeling is back with us to share her dreamy, soft visions on the seaside once again, using the Lomography Color Negative 800. Allow her to indulge and comfort our minds and hearts with her soft sunsets at the seaside.

The images were taken during a trip to Bali in the midst of COVID-19 that lead to a global lockdown. Eva wanted to show the calmness and provide a haven for many of the shattered and broken. Nothing is clear or sharp — everything shrouded with softness and grain to be mysterious but comforting through Eva’s soft and vulnerable approach. Captured with the Lomography Color Negative 800, she focused on seawater, body parts, and the twilight.

“My work has always been an escape. An escape from this world. From heartbreaks. From my nightmares. Each photograph as a reminder to stay soft. To listen and learn.”

Pastel yellow and blues are standard in her aesthetic - the color of the sun, sky, and ocean should show up. And the film did very well in popping her palette.

While Eva shoots men as well, she sadly admitted it’s difficult to encounter male models who would like to be portrayed in her aesthetic — to be soft and vulnerable. Eva only shoots for sustainable brands, so the clients must also have the same beliefs on the aesthetics as she does. Patience and trust is the key to having a professional relationship with anyone she works with.

“Our society still has to learn that they (men) are strong and sometimes cry too.”

Here are more of Eva’s shots during the trip, using different films:

Lately, Eva is giving online courses on analogue photography.

Visit Eva's website and Instagram for more of her works!

written by cielsan on 2020-07-04 #people #film-photography #eva-abeling

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