Good Lighting Life Hacks For Indoor Photography

Arnel Reodique is a Creative Director and Film Director of Stellar Atelier, a production company he started along with his childhood friends. The company, which specializes in modern digital advertising and content creation, has worked with notable brands such as Gatorade, Google PH, and Under Armour Southeast Asia, among others. "Part of my job is making things happen even in difficult situations and deadlines. Having good lighting plays a big role in what I do. In order to get good lighting, you should first be aware of your surroundings and the equipment that you can use around you. While we're all stuck at home, you can try these basic light sources that you can find in your house." Below, Arn demonstrates few tips to achieve good lighting for your indoor photos.

Credits: Arnel Reodique

Basic Lighting

Aside from general lighting that is readily available in your home (such as ceiling lights and lamps), of course, you can never go wrong with natural sunlight. "Using the sun as your main light source, shoot in an area wherein the sun can shine on your subject. It could be coming from a window or shooting outdoors. Remember to check the time in your chosen location wherein the light shines best. You should also shoot swiftly since the light source could easily change without you even noticing it. Preparation is the key!"

Gadget Lighting

Arn reveals that this is his favorite hack. "I used a 24" iMac desktop computer as a light source for table subjects. Just set a white background on your computer screen and pump up the brightness to max. This is a good source of lighting if you don't have any led lights. You can also use other gadgets like your laptop, phone, tablet, or TV."

Credits: Arnel Reodique
"When shooting a typical clean photo or video, place your subject in front of your light source or make sure that your light source is at a 45-degree angle facing your subject. So if you're behind the camera, your light source could be at your sides. This gives a clean shot with depth to your subject."
Credits: Arnel Reodique
"One hack that I recently used is the iMac cover sheet that came with its box. I used it as a diffuser to control the light from my light source which is a makeup led light from my girlfriend."
Credits: Arnel Reodique

How did he come up with this tip, though? "I didn't have the chance to get some production led lights from our office before the pandemic lockdown. So I had to improvise with my initiative shoots at home. Good thing that my girlfriend has a makeup light set. But since the light was harsh, I had to diffuse it with something which is the white cover sheet from the iMac's packaging."

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