A Walk Along the Poppy Field Through Angela Izzo's Lens and the Berlin Kino

Growing up in New York, living in Florida, and settling down in Los Angeles, Angela Izzo defines herself as "tri-coastal." This LomoAmigo is no stranger to experimentations in the analog world: multiple exposures, filters, exposed sprocket holes, nothing scares her. During her time confined at home, she took her creativity out to her friend's property, filled with trees and fields of flowers using the Berlin Kino ISO 400. Her photographs emit a picturesque, painting-like feel, but her only tools are a camera, film, and some light. She favors film as "it makes you have a stronger eye, and develop more knowledge with your gear in a more hands-on way," she says. But no need to linger on with words, her pictures speak for themselves.

© Angela Izzo

Hi Angela! It's great to have you back at Lomography. How did you get into photography and film photography in particular?

I got into black and white film photography in high school, learning how to process and develop my own film. It's quite rewarding when you shoot and develop your own work and become hands-on with the process, I learned a lot.

What’s your favorite thing about analog photography?

I love working with my hands, so analog gives me a more direct experience. Working with the different films, loading the camera, processing, and then I scan each frame. When the images come out I get excited and that makes the whole experience worthwhile and very rewarding, but definitely expect some mess-ups that will break your heart and make you learn from your mistakes and try again. Although sometimes the mistakes are artistically interesting as well!

© Angela Izzo

Can you describe a day in your life as a photographer?

This is a fun question, basically, I wake up with an idea, contact a friend or muse or artist I’ve always wanted to work with, pitch the idea, and a majority of the time run with it. I always like having a camera on hand because I seem to end up in really cool places. I guess I have a pretty adventurous life as a photographer, and the people I work with are really inspiring. I love bouncing off ideas and free-flowing when the opportunity strikes.

What makes you press the shutter?

I play off of light and patterns. If I am not feeling the shot I won’t pull the shutter. A mixture of emotion, spontaneity, and light.

© Angela Izzo

From the pictures you sent us, do you have a favorite one? Can you tell us the story behind it?

The poppy fields with my friend Jaki is one of my favorites. We went on a field trip that day to the poppies in Antelope Valley, and she wore a Wizard of OZ-inspired look because this whole experience of isolation makes you want to run away into the poppy field.

© Angela Izzo

Can you tell us more about this isolation series? The concept behind it, how did you start working on it?

I started this series for pretty obvious reasons, STAY AT HOME. We all are in this together, and as creatives, we need to come up with ways to be inspired and use this time to our advantage. For this series, I contacted my friends, Jeffertitti, Boho Bunnie, Teddy Jackson, Jaki Ichu, Lauren Ruth Ward, Pearl Charles, and Lauren Barth, and documented them in their isolated spaces where they have been spending a majority of their time. These photos make you feel like you're somewhere else when really you’re at home. Nature has been a big savior during these times. Lots of yard hangouts too, I had a great time creating this series. Some of these images are exploring neighborhoods, hiking spots, and random drive-by discoveries.

© Angela Izzo

Why did you choose to shoot it in black and white?

For this series, I shot in Black and White because I really wanted to try the new Berlin Kino Film. It also brought me back to my roots as a photographer starting off in the darkroom only using black and white film. A lot of my work is very colorful, so instead, for this, I wanted to focus on light and emotion by taking a different approach. You see higher contrasts and feel the emotion in another way when you work with black and white film. It can be quite stunning and dramatic.

© Angela Izzo

With what gear did you shoot it?

I always carry multiple cameras on me, I shot with the Diana Mini, the Fisheye, the Sprocket Rocket, and a Holga.

© Angela Izzo

Your pictures have a very mystical yet glamorous look. Is that your signature style?

I love mixing in a fashion element into my portrait shoots, and my friends happen to have such a cool, individual style. The mysticism comes from how I experience people and the world around us, and the miracle of life itself.

© Angela Izzo

Are those pictures part of a longer project?

Yes! I would love to continue this series, it was a great way to become intimate at a safe distance. Such an interesting time we are living in. People are becoming more and more creative, and I have always enjoyed lifestyle portraiture. I am going to keep building on these ideas and I have some big plans, although we will have to see what happens as we adapt to the current situation and see what is possible for shows.

To keep up with Angela's work, head over to her Instagram and her website

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