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Michael, aka neneohcs, originally comes from Duisburg on the Rhine. Photography has been a great passion for him since his childhood. Without rules, but with a wide range of equipment, he captures his view of the world in analogue and has been sharing the results in our community since 2015.
In his hometown of choice, Vienna, he took advantage of the silence in April 2020 and took his Nikon FM with a 24 mm lens and LomoChrome Purple Film on a "Social-Distancing Walk".

Although Michael finds terms like "spacial-distancing" much more appropriate, "social-distancing" was the branded term for the Quarantine and that's why he named his album after it. But because he didn't want to make his own four walls the only photo motive despite isolation at home, Michael took his camera on a lonely walk and captured the absurd mood on Vienna's streets. We have recorded his thoughts on the series here:

When we go out, "C-times" is about a respectful distance in our encounters with people. That's usually not so easy in the "crowded cities". But now it is.

© neneohcs

The most difficult part is probably getting used to saying goodbye to beloved greeting rituals! Hugs and kisses were yesterday? ...sigh!
And the going out to go to "work that is important enough", or to get some air, to go jogging or shopping... all that is allowed, is it not?

My partner and I live in a concrete-dominated residential area with pretty rows of houses.

© neneohcs

The "local leisure area is "the Schmelz" a garden settlement, but the forest calls.

© neneohcs

A trip by car to get some fresh air in the forests around Vienna has more quality. The area near the Otto Wagner Villa is probably one of the most beautiful residential areas Vienna has to offer.

© neneohcs

Only now does it become apparent how different the quality of life of people in the city can be.

In these first weeks of Covid-19 it was not really clear what the new course of action should look like, what regulations and laws the Austrian crisis management team would impose on the population. The question of who is actually addressed by Team Austria, who is implicitly excluded, arose. There are many people living in Austria who are not primarily German-speaking, to begin with. And where is the European idea if inner-European borders are suddenly closed again?

© neneohcs

Borders and distances vs. distance and solidarity. We ALL are affected.
But crisis management for a whole country is a real challenge and so I hope that the different approaches of the countries and regions will at least lead to a "wisdom afterward" ...

© neneohcs

Many thanks to Michael for the wonderful photos and thoughts on the current situation. Have a look at his LomoHome and leave some love!

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2020-06-25 #gear #news #people

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