Black Forest Blues – by Dominik Unbehagen


Dreamy landscapes, gloomy forests, maybe even snow, holidays that mark the end of the year. But I was reluctant to return to the Black Forest region. I didn't feel well but the prospect of staying in Bremen alone was even more oppressive. So I was sitting on the train, my suitcase packed as usual with way too many cameras. Suddenly the Black Forest seemed to be perfect for taking pictures. Even before that, I had already taken a liking revisiting places from my childhood to take pictures there, and with the camera in my hand, I could do whatever I wanted anyway. Over the year I have experimented a lot and learned a lot, so even old and familiar motives can become attractive again.

© dominik_unbehagen

An expired Fuji Superia 400 was the first test film for my new Minolta XE (finally double exposures!). The test roll is always special: you have less pressure of expectation and therefore you can take pictures more impartially. Several rolls of this Fujifilm were unexpectedly sent to me with another camera, so I didn't have to economize on film. The results were allowed to be uncertain. I like that.

The reality check on site was rather depressing, as reality checks usually are. It was rainy and grey throughout. Of course, I always have a camera with a black and white film with me as well, but in the end, it's the colors that drive me.

© dominik_unbehagen

Landscape photography is often not as easy as you think. The landscape doesn't run away, but finding the desired image detail is usually difficult. Behind every photo taken there are many photos that have remained only impulses and just as many photos that didn't turn out well. And sometimes I just take a photo and know right away: That was it.

Fortunately, however, despite the bad weather I went up to the Black Forest with my patient mother. By car, you can quickly reach many different places, which I do not often have the opportunity to do. How often do I take the train through beautiful landscapes and I can't just stop and take some pictures. But for such a grey day, a little trip by car was perfect to randomly take some pictures. But especially since I had imagined the Black Forest photos so well, I was a bit obsessive, which rather stands in the way of photography.

© dominik_unbehagen

The classic black forest hill photo was possible after a few aborted attempts, even though in the rain. Later we drove to a lake very close to the Feldberg. The double exposure at the lake was obvious and the single exposure became interesting because fortunately, the mirror didn't open completely. When I was standing at the lake and it started raining again, the picture of the water circles was a no-brainer. Despite all the adversities, it was one of the photos with which one is immediately satisfied. One shot was enough. When we were back in the car, the rain turned into the snow after all. So I simply took a picture through the windscreen to capture the atmosphere.

© dominik_unbehagen

On the 24th of December, I went alone for the blue hour to a quarry pond at the foot of the Black Forest. On the self-portraits my sadness unintentionally becomes obvious. In this situation I was not aware of it at all, I only understood it afterward when I saw the pictures. I then chose the half disrobed portrait, because I see defenselessness and fragility expressed in it. I didn't think about the pose; it's the pose I always took in childhood photographs, and never again until this moment. Without fully understanding it, I kind of like it.

© dominik_unbehagen

Many thanks to Dominik, for the wonderful photographs! Check out his LomoHome or his Instagram and leave a little love ;)

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  1. jm60
    jm60 ·

    It is nice to see images from scenic areas one would like to visit sometime. Not everyone lives in such picturesque regions as Dominik does. And not meant as any slight to anyone, in fairness, if you have a camera in hand and are in the midst of the Black Forest, or any place generally scenic; be it a city or rural location, you should be able to find many possible creative images and find that you really do not have enough film. One key is finding the types of shots that others have not taken, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking shots of the same things others have taken photographs of, and you may have a unique twist on a potential image, which is why you should always take that shot, like the last image in the story. For another example, there is a picturesque tree in Canada on "Lake Louise", that is probably the most photographed tree in the world, and people would recognize the image if not even knowing where that photo was taken, and some might have taken that same photo too, and some, just by my description know exactly which tree and classic image I speak of. There are simple reasons some images become classics, and others why they become so striking.

  2. mtsteve
    mtsteve ·

    Very moody, I love it

  3. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    Great read, and cool photos!

  4. ericnie
    ericnie ·

    Great photo!!! I like it very much !

  5. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·


  6. dominik_unbehagen
    dominik_unbehagen ·

    @mtsteve @pmonroe @ericnie @frenchyfyl Thank you all! :)

  7. gheinz
    gheinz ·

    Großartig, tolle Fotos !

  8. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    love these, @dominik_unbehagen!

  9. shhquiet
    shhquiet ·

    love these, @dominik_unbehagen!

  10. dominik_unbehagen
    dominik_unbehagen ·

    @shhquiet Thank you :)

  11. dominik_unbehagen
    dominik_unbehagen ·

    @gheinz merci beaucoup :)

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