Color Creative: A Story of Colors and Composition with AMP Puttipong


There are millions of film photos on the net and we were just lucky enough to find the work of @amp_puttipong. However, we're finding it difficult to believe that luck everything to do with it because AMP's work tends to draw in attention even from afar. Composition, framing, color - three characteristics that together create a strong sense of style. AMP is every bit a student and a teacher, picking up what others have created and leaving a trail for people to follow.

In this interview, we got to speak with the talented photographer and graphic design professional and we're more than happy to have made it happen. What started out as a quick chat turned into a class about photography. So come on in join us, we reserved some seats for you.

Credits: amp_puttipong

What do you do and what got you started with film photography?

I am a small company owner and I began dabbling into photography with digital pictures. One day, the younger people in my company introduced me to the film camera and from that point, I felt that the images from the film camera were charming and more appealing to me.

How does photography fit into your life?

Film photography helps me learn the thinking process before deciding to press the shutter. Since I began shooting with a film camera, I have become more enthusiastic about leaving the house to see the things around me.

Credits: amp_puttipong

Why shoot film in this day and age?

I want to have experience and learn to film in the modern day where everything is digital. Today, things are so convenient and fast so I want to come back to real photography and I want to return to it using my own views and my concepts.

We just love how consistent your work is when it comes to composition and framing. How did you discover this photo style?

First, I read an article about a Thai photographer. He is not a professional photographer. He is a professional public driver. But he took a photo minimal-architecture style. He takes pictures of various things in everyday life that he meets. That really inspires me and makes me think that I can take pictures from wherever I go. Don't need a model or to set the scene because various things are hidden in the world around us. The question is: will we just see it? And it corresponds to my career working in graphic design - working on colors and various shapes.

Another thing we noticed is your clever use of colors. They make your photos stand out. How important is color in your work?

Color is the heart of my graphic design career. I applied it to make my photos stand out.

Credits: amp_puttipong

What do you look for in a frame before you hit the shutter?

I will look for colors, shadows, or shapes that stand out first. After that, I will position the balance in the frame. That must attract my eyes. Therefore, my work often has characteristics such as contrasting colors or opposite colors / Light and shadow with a clear shape / Lines and geometric shapes / Repeats or patterns / Area or a small spot that is in a large area.

How did you develop your keen sense of style and composition when it comes to photography?

I try to study about photography from various sources as can be found. And always find new perspectives and then apply to the photography.

What inspires you to shoot?

I feel fun every time I take a film camera away from home. It feels like I'm playing a treasure searching game. What I will meet today? Which is unpredictable and it gets me excited every time I go to a new place.

Credits: amp_puttipong

Do you have upcoming projects? Please share them with our readers.

I don't have projects yet. I'm just taking pictures as a hobby because I am happy to take pictures. But you can follow my work at M I N I M a L. This is a page that combines a minimal style of photos from my film camera and digital camera.

You may see the rest of the photos in this album.

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