The Instant Alternative: Instant Shot Ideas While Staying Indoors


Feeling rusty lately with your analogue routine schedule? While the film labs and stores are closed, you might want to start bringing out your hoarded instant films and load them onto your instant cameras this time. Here are neat, simple ideas you can start on with your instant camera.

Credits: nuriafarre

Modern Still Life

We Lomographers have our favorite genres -- street, portraiture, and so on. Let's brush up our still life photography game during this lockdown! Don't overthink it and start simple – snap a shot of your food, your kids' Legos and toys, maybe even your gadgets. You can also document the items that you've been using so often during this lockdown. Inanimate objects can tell a story too!

Credits: fisheyemary, johbeil & goldenirene

Capture Your Emotions

As our outdoor surroundings have become limited access to us, perhaps it's time we take some introspection. Channel your focus inwards, as Lomographer Rewd, a.k.a. rewd would say.

"The biggest challenge at the moment, with the pandemic, is that your environment is just yourself and the limited range of your home... In that case, I think the instant photo is perfect to translate immediately your present mood in an image '(angst and anger?) and also to say that after all life is going on. Taking a photo is your hope in tomorrow."

Go abstract and just let the spontaneity of your emotions create the picture. Feeling angry during this lockdown? Translate it into an image and quickly turn it into a piece of art!

Credits: rewd

Quick Historical Snaps

Up for a quick trip to the grocery store? Make the most out of it! Take advantage of the instant camera format and steal some street shots. Take for example, Lomographer by veronicawolfgang who created a telling documentary series of Manhattan and Southern Brooklyn streets taken last March. Make a piece of history on your own.

Credits: veronicawolfgang

Artistic Nostalgia: Shoot in Black and White

Lomographer Rewd has a knack for old, vintage things – the instant camera being one. For him, the instant camera has some magic:

"It reminds me of my childhood when I was amazed by polaroids appearing like something running out of a foggy square of paper. Well, adults will always be the children they were in the past. Otherwise, I generally use reflex or medium format cameras with a preference for old-style soviet era cameras such as Zenits, Kievs or Prakticas. Just for their solid look and their weight. I love to carry a very heavy Zenit in my hand. It has a reassuring effect maybe."

Rewd also mentioned how instant cameras bring the air of nostalgia. Try using a black and white instant film and make these lockdown memories look as memorable as they will be when you look back on them in the future.

Credits: rewd

What have you been up to lately during the pandemic? Let us know your alternative projects for film photography below!

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