Darkroom Magic with Knipserich

Bruno, aka Knipserich, has been experimenting with analogue photography for five years. He is particularly fond of black and white photography. He also develops the films himself, but what happened to this series could not have been planned.

© Knipserich
This album was a way through all the ups and downs of analogue photography.

Nevertheless, Bruno shared the resulting pictures, because some might call them "mistakes" or "failures", but they still exude a strange magic and prove that perfection is not the most important thing for a successful work of art.

© Knipserich

And this is how these magical images came about:

Everything started quite normal, I had exposed an Ilford Delta 100 film with my Minolta X-700 in Seestadt Aspern in Vienna. In the anticipation of good pictures, I went home and started to prepare the development as usual. After I had spooled the film onto the roll in the changing bag and then stored it lightproof in my Jobo 135mm developing tank, I started to prepare Ilfosol 3 1+9 and Ilford Rapid Fixer 1+4 at 20° Celsius as usual.

However, when I poured the prescribed 250 milliliters into the small tank and began to initiate the tilting development, the light seal on the tank suddenly opened, the developer leaked a good two thirds, and light entered the can. I immediately pushed the lid back, knowing that this film was destroyed.

Nevertheless, I took a heart and developed the film the complete five minutes, out of pure curiosity.

I fixed and dried the material and it looked interesting, but the real artistic intervention happened while scanning the negatives. I didn't care if the sequence of images fit, I chose the frames freely and also shifted once or twice by half a frame or a third.

© Knipserich
"I treated the material like a painter who paints a picture."

Full of joy I posted the pictures of which I am very proud. For me they mean artistic freedom on the one hand and courage and perseverance on the other.

"This is Lomography for me, anything is possible, just let it happen."
© Knipserich

Many thanks to Bruno, for these inspiring pictures! Check his Webiste or his LomoHome and leave a little love!

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