Musings from Self-isolation: Paul Estévez


Everyone has a way of dealing with the extra time that self-isolation brings. In this series, we try to see how creatives from all over the world are using all that time to work on their photo portfolio. In this episode, we take a look at the work of photographer Paul Estévez that takes on conceptual photography with tinges of melancholy and loneliness.

© Paul Estévez

Hello, Paul, and welcome to the Lomography Magazine! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

Hello and thank you very much. I am a visual artist and I am a university professor. Since I was a child, I have always been attracted to art. Photography is an area that always fascinated me and that just about three years ago, I began to explore it in a more serious and consistent way.

How are you holding up during the quarantine?

I think that many artists will feel identified with my answer. I'm doing well since quarantine began because I got to spend a lot of time at home - painting, drawing or taking photos. At times, I miss going to the cinema or visiting a museum, but in general, I'm having a good time and in peace.

© Paul Estévez

Any photo series in the works? What's the story behind it?

Some of the themes that most attract me are melancholy and loneliness. This series began as the portrait of a "woman" (in reality she is a doll) who is alone but enjoys it. But during the course of taking the photos, the series has led me to the idea that in the time that she lives as a “woman”, many things happen.

What subject do you miss photographing?

No particular topic. In my home-studio, I experience a lot of techniques and topics, so there is nothing to miss.

What is the first thing you would like to do once things get back to normal?

Going to the movies and then to a bar and having a couple of beers with friends.

© Paul Estévez

We would like to thank Paul for letting us feature his images on the Magazine. Follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

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