Musings from Self-isolation: Eathon Young

Everyone has a way of dealing with the extra time that self-isolation brings. In this series, we try to see how creatives from all over the world are using all that time to work on their photo portfolio. In this episode, we take a look at the work of photographer Eathon Young that is centered on moody scenes of flora with subtle hints of calmness and nostalgia.

© Eathon Young

Hello, Eathon and welcome to the Lomography Magazine! What do you do and what got you started with photography?

Thank you! At the moment, I'm a care worker in a special education school and it's something I find immensely rewarding! I first became interested in photography around three years ago. Studying drama at university, I'd always been fascinated by filmmaking. The idea of creating a world and capturing it absolutely intrigued me. I bought a digital camera to pursue this, and over time, fell in love with static photography. I particularly love the fact that it allows me to take a fleeting moment and preserve it forever, like a ship in a bottle.

How are you holding up during quarantine?

I'm doing fairly well! I'm lucky to live in a relatively isolated portion of my town, with a beautiful park only a moment's walk away. So I'm able to get out and take some shots without much disruption, even if only for an hour or two. My only gripe, I suppose, is my inability to have my negatives processed. I've currently got a box full of films ready to be developed, and no way of developing them!

© Eathon Young

Any photo series in the works? What's the story behind it?

Yes! At the moment, I'm working on creating a portfolio of work-based around nostalgia. I'm hoping to capture the essence of the photography of yesteryear as faithfully as possible, right down to using era-appropriate cameras, costumes, and locales. My inspiration for this came from a general obsession with all things vintage. Growing up, I was very close to my grandmother, and a lot of her stories and photographs influenced me. I particularly remember spending time in her garden and admiring the 'make do and mend' way she'd built the fences and features out of old railway sleepers and distressed wood. Ever since I've wanted to recreate that sort of nostalgic simplicity!

What subject do you miss photographing?

At the moment, I particularly miss photographing people, particularly the social aspect of being able to communicate with your model. I find talking to flowers often earns you funny looks from passers-by! I also really enjoy the way that your shoot always takes unexpected turns whilst working with another person, as new ideas are passed back and forth between subject and photographer. You can end up with something really special that you might have missed whilst worked alone.

© Eathon Young

What is the first thing you would like to do once things get back to normal?

As soon as the lockdown is over, I can't wait to really embrace film photography and messing with the various makes and models of cameras I've accumulated - finding out what makes each one special. I'm also really looking forward to researching locations for era-specific shoots, as well as doing the same with costumes, and working with actual human beings again!

We would like to thank Eathon for letting us feature his images on the Magazine. Follow him on Instagram to see more.

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