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Located at the southwestern of the expansive Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a nature adventurer’s every dream. Made up of two major islands, the North Island (Te Ika-a-Māui), and the South Island (Te Waipounamu), the country is rich in marine life and resources, it’s exclusive economic zone being one of the largest in the world. From landmasses to unadulterated coastlines, the country also boasts beautiful volcanic ranges, becoming a home to many various species that contributes to its biodiversity. New Zealand is very proactive in conserving these natural treasures at the height of modernization, thus its reputation for being a nature haven, so it’s no surprise to us that Lomographer Simon Schmidt a.k.a. zimone, had gone off to the Oceanic country to experience the life and natural gifts New Zealand has to offer. Read his words and take a gander at the majestic scenery through his film photos in this edition of Around the World in Analogue.

© Simone Schmidt

I was in Australia before and had just that feeling that I have to go to New Zealand, and maybe because I missed the mountains a bit. So yeah, spontaneously, I just booked the flight and went off!

I think especially the mixture between the mountains and the ocean and that they are so close together mixed with the jungle that was something new for me. I didn't really expect that New Zealand has like a proper jungle it was a bit like Jurassic Park but totally beautiful. And yeah that you have such diversified landscape in such a small place. I think the combination with the different vegetation makes it so special. I also really liked that when we were hiking often the little birds came to you and just followed you, they were so curious and were not afraid as normal.

© Simone Schmidt

I can't really tell much about the locals because I just met a few but they were absolutely friendly and open-minded. Most of the time I met other backpackers which was also pretty cool because you get really quick in a conversation and in the next moment you all sitting around a bonfire and having a good time.

There was that burger restaurant in Queenstown which says "The world's best Burger" and to be honest it was really good but you have to wait for ages to get one because it's so crowded. I would say my favorite food was the Meat Pies that you can get along the road and they are just delicious. Especially a good snack after surfing or hiking!

Honestly, I think I don't have a favorite one because it's everywhere so beautiful! The south island and the north both are absolutely stunning. It doesn't really matter where you are just shot and hope it's gonna be a good picture. There are a few spots where I really liked it. Like the hippie community in Takaka or Raglan the small surf town but I prefer to be on the road and have the freedom to choose where I wanna go next and of course, outdoors doing a few days hiking trip.

© Simone Schmidt

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