At Home With Lomography: Inspiring Indoor Projects To Try

Perhaps you're looking for new ways to get creative without having to spend money or require you to go outside to pick up some tools. Most likely, you already have the materials that you need in your household. These tips are simple, easy, and fun to do with your family and friends!

A Room With a View

If you have a blank wall and a bright window, then you're just a few steps away from turning your room into a camera obscura. Follow this tipster and enjoy the view!

Credits: miriel

Laserjet Transfer on Mixed Media Collage

Roll up your sleeves for this tip! You'll be making a photo transfer collage using some varnish and a few supplies that you probably already have at home.

Credits: tiro8

Talking Surrealism and Experimentation with Eyvahblues

Need a boost of inspiration? Take a cue from artist/Lomographer Mert Can Tekin, AKA eyvahblues, whose experimental art pieces using photos and illustration will give you ideas! It's a perfect project for your extra prints. Get to know the artist and his work in this article.

Credits: eyvahblues

A Quick Guide To Light Painting

One tip that we've probably mentioned so many times in the Magazine is light painting, and it's certainly doable now more than ever. Head over to this basic tutorial, we've also listed other light painting tricks there!

Credits: rjk_89, dikasapi, watttan & ceduxi0n

We hope that these tips will inspire you to get creative while keeping safe indoors!

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