Creative Adventures with the Lomo'Instant Wide by Candeeland

Dani, aka candeeland is a passionate Lomographer and a long-time Lomography community member. We spoke to her about her journey with analogue photography, her love of instant photography, and especially of the Lomo'Instant Wide.

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Who is ""? Tell us more!

Hi, I'm Dani from Bochum, just turned 50 years old and work in the sales department of a bank. Besides my passion for photography, I love nature and especially animals, from an ant to the giraffe I find almost all animals interesting and worth protecting. I like to be on the road in cities and I like to take pictures of the rather dingy corners or street art.

How did you start your journey with analogue photography and Lomography?

Since I was born in the seventies, I grew up with analog photography. My uncle is a photographer and gave me my first own camera, a Nikon SLR. I first discovered Lomography around the turn of the millennium, because my friend got an LC-A as a present, which I found really cool. My first Lomo camera was an action sampler, followed by the La Sardina, and after that everything, the market had to offer. I am a camera junkie and all the colorful Lomo cameras are what I like the most. But besides film photography, I'm also a real instant picture fan and like to use all formats, I just enjoy trying new things.

What is it about instant photography that appeals to you?

That you can immediately hold the results in your hands and the tension that arises when you watch the picture develop. Also, the instant photos offer a lot of possibilities to let off steam creatively.

@copy candeeland

Where do you get the inspiration for your pictures?

In fact, I'm most likely to be inspired by other photographers, and all the social media accounts offer just the right platform for that. I love the exchange with other photographers, Lomo walks are always a great way to get to know each other and learn from each other. Photography connects young and old, you have a lot to tell each other right away. I also enjoy visiting photo exhibitions, a perfect place for inspiration.

What do you particularly like about the LomoInstant Wide? Why this format?

The wide-format offers more space and is easier to play than the classic, square instant picture, you simply get more on the picture. For me, the Lomo Instant Wide is one of the best instant cameras, with the extra lenses and the splitzer it offers so much room for maneuver, I could spend all day experimenting with this. The splitzer and the close-up lens are my favorites, with a little practice you can create fantastic landscapes and get to the bottom of things.

@copy candeeland

Which is your favorite photo and why?

This picture here from the Bochum Bermuda Triangle, which I took during the "Bochum Total" festival. It seems surreal and you can't see the cut, which is caused by the splitzing, it looks like a single shot.

© candeeland

Last but not least, is there anything you've always wanted to say or share with the community or Lomography?

Oh yes: Welcome to all new lomonauts, it's good to have you with us! And I would like to ask all the old hands to continue to dedicate themselves to Lomography, after all, it's one of the nicest hobbies you can have. Spread the Lomo Love!

Many thanks to Dani for the wonderful pictures! Check out her LomoHome or her Instagram and leave some love!

written by alinaxeniatroniarsky on 2020-05-27

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