Record New Milestones With the Simple Use Film Camera

Given the current situation that requires us to stay indoors, it's only natural for us to find ways to preoccupy ourselves. We resume activities we used to not have enough time for, pick up new hobbies, or develop new routines. Keeping calm and powering through the seemingly endless days are notable enough, even more so when we accomplish a goal.

Credits: mariichang, erina & aspline

Some people work from home — a feat in itself because there can be so many distractions! Some magically turn into chefs and whip up new dishes, modifying recipes according to the limited stock from their pantry. And then there are some who do a little spring cleaning, discovering memories from the past and basking in nostalgia.

Credits: erina, mariichang, aspline, waritt & frenchyfyl

We're living in an interesting time; suddenly, our lifestyles have become simpler and more grounded. Remember the little accomplishments and special moments at home on film — for your consideration, a Simple Use Film Camera. Easy, simple, and fuss-free, it's already pre-loaded with Lomography film, so all you need to do is capture the moment with one click. And when you're done with the roll, you can reload it with a new one!

Credits: amanachan, kuniflex & grantbusse

All of these photos were taken with the Simple Use Film Camera, which is available in four variants (Color Negative, Black & White/Lady Grey, Lomochrome Purple, and Lomochrome Metropolis. Check them out in our online shop.

2020-04-30 #simple-use-film-camera

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