Dannah Gottlieb's Lines and Archs With the Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 Film


For documentary photographer Dannah Gottlieb, black and white photography is of second nature. Both in her portraiture and documentary work, her use of intense black and pure whites has been a tool to accentuate her subjects' emotions and bring a more dramatic and dynamic aspect to her photographs. She took the new Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 Film out for a spin in New York to shoot the city's streets and secrets.

© Dannah Gottlieb

Hello Dannah! We're happy to have you here at Lomography. So did you have any previous experience shooting with slow film?

I've used a few of the Washi 50 ISO films, but never as low as 8!

How was your experience shooting with our slow ISO black and white film?

With the helpful, detailed guide Lomography provided for me, I felt well prepared.

© Dannah Gottlieb

Did you come across any challenges while shooting with our slow ISO black and white film?

Besides the time crunch, not much! I wish I had more time to test.

Tell us a bit about the photos you’ve taken with our film.

I wandered around a neighborhood in Brooklyn I rarely ever visit on a beautiful afternoon. It was right when the Coronavirus threats really began in New York. There was a weird, looming feeling in the air...a premonition of what was to come. I felt the high contrast of the film perfectly encapsulated those feelings I had that day.

© Dannah Gottlieb

Do you prefer colored or black and white photography? Why?

Black and white. I learned to shoot and develop film and print in the darkroom before I learned much about digital photography or color film. I feel like I learned how to observe the world in monochrome.

What could you say about the results? What are your thoughts about the film’s “look”?

Like I said, the intense contrast of the film really encapsulated the weight of the air I felt in the city that day. In these times of uncertainty, the film's stark, dramatic contrast enhanced the photos.

© Dannah Gottlieb

Lastly what kind of photography would you recommend our new black and white film for?

Definitely for street photography and architecture.

You can check out more of Dannah's work on her Instagram and her website.

written by tamarasaade on 2020-04-25

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  1. tdave
    tdave ·

    Great results! Looking forward to receiving my film. What camera did you use to shoot these?

  2. davidph
    davidph ·

    Very nice, classic street photography.

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