Interview With the Artists: Lomo'Instant Automat Sundae Kids Edition


Poysian and Kavin, the artist-duo behind the creation of the simple love comic strip Sundae Kids, collaborated with us to create our new Lomo'Instant Automat Sundae Kids Edition. Read more about the concept and get to know more about Poysien and Kavin of Sundae Kids, in this interview.

Could you tell us more about Sundae Kids? How did it start?

It started when I was a senior in Graphic Design at University. Kavin and I were working on our thesis, so that year, we had some free time on our hands. Kavin suggested that we should create a Facebook page as our online portfolio. So when we graduate, maybe we won't have full-time work. So we started from that point.

How did you get all these inspiration for the love comics?

I like the variety of moments, situations and moods of people because I think it's complicated and interesting. So I often chose these moments to tell on our page. I can find inspiration everywhere. So It may be a true story from my life, or it could come from people around me or from music and movies that I watch and listen to.

How would you describe your work?

Our artworks are simple, easy to understand, and focus on telling stories through comics.

What is the inspiration for this Lomo'Instant Automat Edition ?

When we found out that we have an opportunity to design a camera. we wanted to think in our own way. We wanted to interpret the words 'camera' and 'photos' to objects which can keep moments.

Please tell us about the process working on this edition?

When coming up with the concept, we were planning on doing a comic that has lots of stories and a variety of moods. But after thinking about it, the whole story can't be printed on a single camera. So we finally decided to have our characters from that story hide behind abstract shapes.

Could you tell us about your experience while shooting with your Lomo'Instant Automat ?

We like the design of Lomo'Instant Automat because It’s so cute and perfect. After taking some shots, we think it's good that you could adjust its settings to suit various shooting styles. It’s also easy to use and convenient.

What's the theme of these photos set? and what is the most favorite?

When we got the camera to try, It was quarantine time. So the theme was working when we were quarantined that we can only take the photos at our studio and supermarket when we go to stock on supplies. And the most special thing in this set is that It's the first set that you saw Kavin's face Hahaha. In every interview, no one has ever seen Kavin's face.

Where would you take your Lomo'Instant Automat Sundae Kids Edition next?

Hua Hin Beach! We really like going to Hua Hin to rest because it's quiet. But we can't go during this period. If we have the opportunity, we would like to bring the camera to take some photos.

Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to share? Please invite our readers.

Now that our Lomo'Instant Automat Sundae Kids Edition is already out. Please get our camera!

Thank you Poysien and Kavin for your awesome camera design! You could check out their Home Page and follow their comic strip on Instagram

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