Around the World in Analogue: Dublin

Ireland's Dublin has been already inhabited since prehistoric times, its history diverse and rich. It used to be an ecclesiastical Christian settlement before it became a Viking settlement in the Middle Ages. Castles and cathedrals all around, monuments and parks worthy of visits for the arts and culture history buffs among Lomographers. Litterateurs will also have fun visiting the libraries, as the city was also dubbed as a UNESCO City of Literature. Moreover, the city offers a rich, young and vibrant urban life as buskers on the streets sing next to pubs to set the mood of the night. Lomographer Carl Foran, a.k.a. foranfilm tours us into his hometown through his own words and colored shots.

Dublin is a place for tourists. A place for pints and a place for the good oul craic. Dublin is my home and a fine home at that.

I always dream of seeing Dublin through the eyes of a tourist. Walking around the Temple Bar and feeling the cobbles stones beneath. Even Strolling up Camden street for the first time and feeling drunk whilst attempting the Camden mile. This being a pub crawl the length of Camden street. Some amazing streets and shops in Dublin which would keep you busy for an entire day. My typical day off involves getting lost in the city with a camera in hand. Starting my journey from Smithfield then up along the Quays trying to capture the faces I pass. Making my way to the top of Dame street where the sun burns its way down through the traffic. I take a quick left into the narrow cobbled road of temple bar snapping some couples holding hands or some tourists with the map out in front of their faces. The Vintage tea tours bus is parked up on the side, and for unknown reasons, this draws my eye in to capture a shot.

From taking a stroll through George's street arcade and peeking at all the little gift shops and then having a Guinness and some Tapas in Market bar, to grabbing a Dublin bike up to Ulysses Rare Books store on Duke Street for a quick read.

Grafton street packed to the rafters of shoppers and Flower sellers. The sun is peaking through but there is still drizzle in the air. Dublin, you're mine but I’m happy to share you with the world.

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