Purple Expressions: Social Media Testers Try the LomoChrome Purple Film


We're back with new LomoChrome Purple photos taken by social media testers! As always, we're amazed at the results — no two are alike. From bright neon pinks to pastel purples and hints of blue-greens, these photographs perfectly expressed the experimental capabilities of the LomoChrome Purple, as well as the unique perspectives of the photographers.

Credits: Damla Yedisan, Celeste Ortiz, Claudia Sajeva

Claudia Sajeva

Claudia Sajeva is a Lomographer from Palermo, Italy. At age 11, she realized that photography was becoming her passion. She shot digital in the mid-2000s but has jumped to film ever since. Aside from photography, she loves visual arts, sunsets, sea, clouds, and colors.

We asked her to test the LomoChrome Purple 120 film and she used the Diana F+ on sunny days and the Lubitel 166+ in cloudy conditions.

"I tried every version of this film, none has ever been a disappointment. I loved the first one, but the 3rd formula has a different charm because of the aquamarine tones that the sky takes on. The palette of Lomochrome Purple has cool tones, ranging from lilac to aquamarine green. Yellow flowers turn completely red, and the rest of the vegetation purple. Red tends to remain very saturated. The color of the sand turns to a dark magenta."

"The first time I shot the second version of Lomochrome Purple I made the mistake of exposing it at 100iso during summer in Sicily! This time, on bright days, I shot it at 400 ISO and I really liked the results with the Diana! This film has a good latitude, I suggest you to not overexpose it. if you don't have a professional scanner you could struggle to get good scans. On cloudy days the tones were softer, almost pastel in some cases. I exposed it at 100/200 ISO but 400 would be better."

We asked about her favorite shot among these photos. "Last January has been a warm month, I took photos on the beach with the Diana on a very sunny day, that day there were big white clouds and I liked the contrasts very much. Even though it was January there was that man on the sup board very close to the shore, I did not want him to notice me, with the Diana it is difficult not to be noticed, so I shot in a hurry and without framing, but I like the result anyway."

Any tips she'd like to share with LomoChrome Purple shooters? "On bright days you will get fantastic tones and strong contrast at 400 ISO, but even in low light conditions the cold pastel tones will not disappoint you. Don't think too much about the results as I did. Just shoot!"

Damla Yedisan

Based in İstanbul, Damla Yedisan works in Public Relations for Turkish State Railways. She studied Cinema at İstanbul University and likes street photography, experimental film photography, and darkroom techniques. She is one of our social media testers for the LomoChrome Purple film, and we asked her to share her experience using it.

Credits: Damla Yedisan

"I saw sample photos on the web. I know the film’s great green-to-purple effect on daylight nature scenes. However, I wanna use this film on street photography and indoor light, so it can be an unpredictable experience for me. And it was! I shot some photos at Prague Metro and Kino Lucerna. I really didn’t expect the results: Pinkish-red colors! This was very exciting."

For this shoot, she used her Canon AE-1, Canon FD 50 mm f1.4, and Vivitar 28mm f2.8 and set the ISO at 400. "There were shots when I added one to two stops to meter, so I can shoot at ISO 200 and ISO 100 easily. Among the shots from this roll, my favorite picture would be of the man at Prague Metro Station stairways. I saw and passed him but I couldn't resist not taking his picture, so I came back and took a shot!"

Credits: Damla Yedisan

She shares this tip for LomoChrome Purple users: "You can use Lomochrome Purple at almost every light condition just by switching up the ISO. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a nature or street scene, portrait … etc. Results are unpredictable and exciting!"

Celeste Ortiz

Celeste Ortiz is a photographer based in Chile. Aside from photography, she likes to grow veggies in her garden and play with her cats and duck. She started with digital photography, but when she switched to analogue, there was no turning back. "When I was using digital photography I always edited my pictures to look 'vintage' so I thought I should try analog to get that look. Today I'm not into vintage look anymore, but I stick to film photography, is just part of my process."

Credits: Celeste Ortiz

Celeste tested the LomoChrome Purple, which she has been wanting to try for a long time. While she admits that she's no longer as experimental with her photoshoots compared to some years ago, but she still wanted to test the film. "I knew I had to photograph my beloved garden. I love nature a lot, love to be surrounded by green, but green is not a color that pops up too much on my pictures, is not part of my works palette for some reason, so I knew I wanted to transform all the greens on some lovely purple."

Credits: Celeste Ortiz
Credits: Celeste Ortiz

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  1. evansabahnurd
    evansabahnurd ·

    Really beautiful results! I've got a couple of rolls of lomochrome purple waiting at home at the moment that I'm keen to shoot :)

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