Paige Sara's Photo Diary on Tour With Winnetka Bowling League

From roses in her mother's garden to musicians touring across the country, Paige Sara's photographic journey started at the young age of 12. Practice, constant shooting and working alongside other photographers, Paige developed her own style and quickly took off as a portrait, lifestyle, and music photographer.

"Touring is a really interesting job, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. But, I love it. It often consists of long days, late nights, hard work and lack of sleep."

In color, black and white, with some color filters and a lot of grain, her photos have been published online in Rolling Stone, Flaunt Magazine, and as the cover artwork of various musicians. Her clients include Interscope Records, Greta Van Fleet, and Winnetka Bowling League with whom she went on tour with some LomoChrome Metropolis film and a simple and a LomoChrome Purple Simple Use Camera. We talked to Paige about her analog journey, her experience touring with the band, and documenting it on film.

© Paige Sara

Hey Paige! It's great to have you here at Lomography. Can you first tell us why do you choose film over digital?

I choose to work with film because it’s an undeniably authentic medium. There’s just something magnificent about it— the depth, the color, the quality— film creates a very genuine, captivating image. I don’t believe you can replicate that look and feel in digital. Not to mention, there is a natural element of satisfaction that comes from working with something so physically tangible.

Can you tell us about the experience touring with the band?

Touring is a really interesting job, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. But, I love it. It often consists of long days, late nights, hard work and lack of sleep.

To me, it is really important to establish a good connection with the band you’re shooting for. A few of the images seen here were shot on tour with Winnetka Bowling League, who are some of my best friends— we’re a family on and off the road. (Maddie Jay and I even used to share bunk beds and do face-masks.)

© Paige Sara

What makes you press the shutter when you’re out shooting?

Lately, I’ve been searching for “moments” instead of “content”. By that, I mean something that could be archival, that exists to tell a story, document a feeling, or snapshot in history over filler content for Instagram. When I’m shooting I’m looking for a cinematic type of frame that could be a still from a movie

Between the LomoChrome Purple and LomoChrome Metropolis, which one did you prefer shooting with?

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with both stocks, but I’d say in the future I’d like to try more with the purple to lean into its psychedelic look!

© Paige Sara

From what you sent us, there are three aspects to your photography: a more editorial style, a more artistic side, and a music photographer’s cap. How do you juggle between all of those different aspects?

Thank you! I grew up reading fashion magazines, gawking over the editorial photos and daydreaming of one day shooting a spread for Vogue. As a teenager, I enjoyed simply being a fan of music. I loved going to shows and the visual element of being present at a concert to see the lights and the wardrobe and all the elements that audio doesn’t necessarily bring to the table. So I think I still feel called to those two specific styles of photography as a result. As for the more artistic stuff, it mainly stems from experimenting with film, light, prisms, color, you name it… I just wanted to make work that felt fresh and unique to me.

© Paige Sara

Are you working on any projects right now that we should be on the lookout for?

I took part in my first gallery show in LA at the Burgundy Room Gallery that opened on March 13. It’s called GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!. I’m one of four photographers on display, and all the images are of females. Aside from that, I’ll be touring in the springtime!

You can check out Paige's work on her Instagram and her website .

written by tamarasaade on 2020-04-22

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