The Ocean on the LomoMod NO.1 – Fabifa's Amazing Tape Art Design

Valeryia Losikava, aka Fabifa is a tape artist. Originally from Belarus, she now lives and works in Berlin, where many of her works decorate the city. Fabifa likes to deal with freedom and feelings on complex and provocative themes, which is why you can always find portraits in her work, which she captures on walls with colorful tape. We sent her a LomoMod No.1 which she gave a unique design with tape and loads of creativity.

© Fabifa

You are known for your wonderful TapeArt! What inspires you the most?

I am inspired by the people around me. So many beautiful and creative people surround me and with their activities, with their personality, they inspire me. I want to tell about them and show personal stories that can change the world. I want my audience to feel closer to my heroes and their stories.

© Fabifa

Your art surely reveals a lot about your person. How would you describe yourself?

My story is the story of a woman who comes from a very emotionally closed country - a country of prohibitions. The education of a woman who has gone through difficulties and has now arrived at art. Therefore I am a mixture of my past and all my travels and experiences. I grew up in a different reality and there are issues that I find difficult to talk about, but I still try to find the courage to do so.

© Fabifa

How did you become an artist and especially do TapeArt?

I have worked in the field of technical security for many years. But after a burnout, I realized that I only feel happy when I am doing art. When I arrived in Germany, I found Tape Art and fell in love with it. It meets all my requirements regarding material, structure, and lines.

You gave the LomoMod No.1 a beautiful new design. Can you take us through the process that led to this very result? Why this motive?

I am very inspired by the nature of the sea. I like to use pictures of deep-sea creatures and corals that glow in ultraviolet light. I believe that man and nature should interact more. A human being has to use technology to preserve nature and be inspired by nature to develop new technologies. That's why a new series of my work is called Ecotech, it's about the interaction of humans with nature and technology.

© Fabifa

What defines your style?

My style is based on clear, contrasting lines and bright colours. I love tape as a material, you can feel every work step. I think that I can also be recognized by certain emotional images. For example, I mainly portray people and their emotions. I really love the neon colour, it's kind of cosmic.

How do you like the LomoMod No.1 ?

I really like the concept that I can build a camera from environmentally friendly materials that are very easy to recycle after use. I haven't really gotten to grips with analogue equipment yet and really want to experiment with it, which I will do in the near future.

Is there anything you'd like to share with our readers?

I would advise everyone not to give up. If something doesn't work, you should just keep going. This advice can be applied not only to art but to everything in life.

Many thanks to Fabifa for her inspiring work! Visit her Instagram, Facebook and her Website to not miss any of her works, or keep your eyes open in Berlin for her unique style (e.g. in the KitKat Club, Ava Club, Anomalie Club, Teufelsberg, PennyBox80 (Boxhagener Str.80) or in the Urban Art Gallery in Bikini Berlin)

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