Egypt as Seen Through the Simple Use Film Camera by 29121993

Lomographer 29121993 a.k.a. Alyssa-Naïs shares a visual travel diary drenched in colors and outstanding violet -- one that keeps the majestic views of Egypt.

Credits: 29121993

Alyssa first discovered film cameras when she was in photography school seven years ago. It all started in a workshop about setting silver prints. Having bought her first film camera – a Canon EOS 500 – she started jumping to another camera with the Canon AE-1. From there, she began to fall in love with the slow-burn process of taking film photographs. Ever since she left school, she's sticking with her analogue routine. Along with this, when it comes to photographing, Alyssa prefers to just go with the flow. "I tend to scatter myself," she tells us:

"Certainly, it can be more expensive than digital photography but it gives you a lot of emotions you can't find with a digital, I think. Furthermore, people you meet who don't know cameras or how it works are every time curious to understand... I think there are more 'contact' and sensitive sensations with analogue cameras. They are all different and offer many possibilities and you have to take the time or to shoot and pry!"
Credits: 29121993

Sometimes, she went to Egypt to fulfill a childhood dream: to see pyramids in purple. For three weeks, Alyssa traveled around Egypt alone. She went from Alexandria, Cairo, Assouan, Luxor, and Hurghada. She went back to Cairo in the middle of her trip as it was her favorite city to photograph. A lot of things about the trip pushed her out of her comfort zone -- a lot of first experiences. Although Alyssa has a lot of analogue and digital cameras, she opted for the Simple Use Film Cameras and LomoChrome Purple SUFC, knowing that she'll have to move a lot during her travels since she wants to see a lot of things in Egypt. It was her first time to bring such a camera. She loved how light, discreet, and convenient it was.

"I asked myself how to take pictures there without being in cliche because Egypt has her famous and touristic places. Finally, I had to accept that I was a tourist and take the part to take SUFC because it reminds me of travel pictures I took with disposable cameras when I was young. Furthermore, I'm not really attracted by landscape photography so I preferred to take sides to experiment because I love LomoChrome purple films... Furthermore, I'm a little bit shy and for street photography, for example, I feel at ease with a little camera than a big one..."

She also brought Color Negative and an old instant camera with her.  She was at first afraid of using an old instant camera but eventually loved the instantaneous process. "It was a really nice way to talk with people!" She believes the SUFC Purple would suit people who travel a lot as it's a very comfortable camera to work with, plus how the SUFC tends to surprise her. "Sometimes you don't know at all what will be the result but it seems to be always good surprises! I would be glad to use it again :))"

Credits: 29121993

Lately, Alyssa's working as a seasoner in Tignes. She hopes to squeeze in some time to go around Asia for the summer and improve her street photography. Now developing black and white shots all by herself, she plans to have more time with silver prints again. In the future, she's aiming to create a project with the LGBT+ community.

For more of Alyssa's works, make sure to follow he LomoHome!

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