LomoWomen: Photographer LI Hui's Poetic Inner World

Six years ago, Hangzhou-based film photographer Li Hui first appeared on Lomography's English official website. Our extensive personal interview with her became one of the most popular articles in our online magazine and her work has been anticipated by everyone since then. From an editor's point of view, Li Hui is a mysterious poet. Even though her work can be seen everywhere on the Internet, she reveals little herself. Now, we're glad to invite Li Hui again in this special interview for updates on her artistic and analogue journey. Let us take a closer look at Li Hui's creative ideas and poetic inner world.

Her Career

When did you decide to become a professional photographer?

When I found out that I was better at photography than other things. At the same time, my work has received attention and recognition from all walks of life, so I have more opportunities to become a professional photographer.

On Her Equipment

What equipment do you use often?

The cameras I usually use are relatively light, and Canon EOS Film Cameras can be used for some scenes, such as the easy use camera EOS 500.

The equipment I use for general use and formal creative shooting is usually not that different, and the camera I usually use gives me a sense of security. In addition to changing circumstances, when I need more flexible settings or pursuit of texture. I will choose a better and more stable 35mm or Medium Format camera.

Li Hui | Canon EOS 500 | Lomography Earl Grey ISO 100

Inside the Mind of a Poet

Is there a difference between general shooting and your conceptual work?

Daily shooting is more limited, and you are lucky enough to encounter or discover interesting things or scenes. But in creating my conceptual photos, it is basically controlled, and they are basically within the expected range.

In your mind, what elements do you need for a good image? Can you share an impressive shot?

I think that good works can resonate and are not constrained by time. It is a work that can inspire, associate, and produce a different understanding of the audience.

Li Hui shoot with Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens

Many soft intentions such as snails, fish, butterflies, flowers, and bodies appear in your work. What kind of message do you want to convey.

Maybe I often pay attention to things that are slightly neglected but are easily overlooked, emotional transmission, optical illusions, subconsciousness and the like, and exploring the intimate and delicate relationship between the concubine and the sound.

Although my work looks like a loose sequence, it can be recombined with each other to form a new concept. It's more like collecting all the elements I like to build an idealized and mysterious unknown world. Intentions can be diverse, and meanings are all conferred.

On Her Shooting Habits

How will you bring the atmosphere during the shooting?

I am quiet, not a person who is very active. The models are usually my friends, we are familiar with each other. When I encounter a new model, I will give clear guidance as long as I feel right. I'm usually very involved when shooting, and my brain turns quickly and I can't take much care of it, but the model is also infected by this emotion.

Li Hui shoot with Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens

About Her Girls

Is there anything to say to the girls in your lens and the girls who love photography?

Stay childish. Persevere and focus on what you like, to the extreme.

Li Hui shoot with Daguerreotype Achromat Art Lens

Her Future in Analogue

If there are any photography plans next?

In 2019, I slowed down a bit, so according to the plan, I should complete the shooting of the new book this year. I hope that it will be a new photo book that can show more of the “world”.

More of Li Hui's Works

Thank you, Li Hui for sharing, and I hope the new book is successfully shot! If you want to learn more about Li Hui's work, you can also find her on Instagram and her personal website.

written by gavintang on 2020-03-31

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