Getting to Know the World According to Cris Miranda: An Interview


Lomographer Cris Miranda, a.k.a. crismiranda is one of the outspoken advocates for women's rights in the Community through the use of film. Her goal is to deconstruct social ideals -- particularly that of the fashion industry's imposed standards, the dictatorship for perfect bodies, the idyllic facades of Instagram aesthetics, and such. As a woman herself experiencing all of these, she aims to show the true beauty of real life, connect with other women and be in solidarity. Through the analogue medium and her no-edit policy, she is able to create empowering portraits that are faithful to the uniqueness of each individual. Get to know more about Cris through this interview.

Credits: crismiranda

Hey Cris! How things are lately as a film photographer?

Things are great. The only real problem these days is the price of the rolls in Brazil(where I’m living now). They increased a lot in the past few months. Apart from this, I noticed that a lot of young people have discovered film photography.

When did you discover analogue photography? What drew you in the medium and how did you get into Lomography?

As I was born in 1977, analogue photography was the available medium. My father has always been enthusiastic and I’ve grown up looking at him using and taking care of his equipment. Actually, I got my first digital camera in 2001. Lol. I discovered Lomo when I was teaching in 2008 and one of my students told me about it. It was love at first sight.

You usually photograph very compelling portraits of women. At first glance, the themes of body imagery and women empowerment can already be read. May you elaborate more to us about your work? What makes a good portrait photograph for you? Do you particularly have some 'preferred' models?

I strongly believe that is all about the connection between the photographer and the model, in my case, between two women. I always talk to the girls before the shooting in order to find out how they want to be portrayed, what they expect from their portraits as real women, real bodies, no retouching. Creating a beautiful portrait is a group effort. it's all about the girls and their desires. I don't have a preferred model. I love shooting real people.

Credits: crismiranda

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I usually study other photographer’s work and reflect on what I can really do and my limitations as an analogue photographer (techniques, equipment, places, amount of light, types of film, etc.). I am also a History of Art student. Besides being an art lover, it has been important to me to see How painters such as Rembrandt mastered the light.

I’m a fortunate woman that travels a lot and travelling is one of my passions and I believe it also defines me. So, in addition to my family, friends, and cats, traveling is passion, especially to the beach and to places full of art. And I’m always looking forward to pack and hit the road.

If you could work with a fellow creative or artist, who would it be?

It’s hard to choose only one person, but I’d definitely love to work with a female artist, a feminist.

Credits: crismiranda

Tell us -- what does Cris do on a regular day without a camera?

I am a very simple person. I have a normal life: I take care of my family, I cook, I exercise (which has been super important to my physical and mental health), I like going out with my husband (who is a great supporter of my work as a photographer). I teach in an ONG and I am a Portuguese/Spanish translator as well.

What are you up to lately?

I’ve been working on my personal project which consists of photographing all types of women and their bodies. It's an empowering project, it’s about helping them to see their beauty the way they are. We want to be part of the women's liberation movement. We’re sick and tired of the fashion rules, the perfect body dictatorship and so on that is widely shown in social media. many girls are also experiencing harassment when shooting with male photographers. So, I've have been taking many shots having these kinds of matters and be more mindful, as I'm a woman.

Credits: crismiranda

Find out more about Cris and her photography through her LomoHome and Instagram.

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