Around the World in Analogue: Purple Pyrenees


Known for its very sharp peaks, the Pyrenees is a mountain range that forms a border between Spain and France and is rich with picturesque landscapes. The Pyrenees has two distinct areas that are known for their specific purposes. One is the Hautes-Pyrénées terrain where ski goers and hikers go for, and the Pyrénées-Bernaises for the majestic hills that are gifted with historical castles and fairytale-like villages. In this Around the World in Analogue feature, Lomographer Andrew Foster a.k.a. afoxcalledandrew captures its stunning scenery with the LomoChrome Purple Film. Here's what he has to say about the place, in his own words and pictures.

© Andrew Foster

The Pyrenees is a mountain range in France that's as magnificent and vast (almost) as the Alps, but far more wild and untouched. I visited it last year and stayed right in the heart of it, just before the Cirque De Cagateille. I fell in love with how quiet and how green it was, so much so that when I returned to London at the end of the trip my eyes still saw green in the dull greyness of the city. We explored, well, drove right to the top of one of the mountains near Guzet-Neige, a ski resort, and we could see all around us for miles. I have never felt more at peace and aware of myself than at that moment.

Mountains can do that to you, they make your problems seem so small compared to the grand scheme of things. The wildlife was as rugged as the scenery; we met wild cats that refused to be tamed but would gladly steal our BBQ sausages when we weren't looking, cows that blocked the only road down from a mountain for a good half an hour, unfazed by the honking and moaning from us mere mortals, and the most colourful and varied butterflies I have ever seen.

© Andrew Foster

We also visited the hippy-dippy town of Saint-Girons during the 'Fete de la Musique', which is a music festival that happens in towns all around France, and encountered equally weird and wonderful people. My favourite place we visited though was Lac de Bethmale. I audibly gasped when I stepped outside of the car. Its water was such a clear shade of cyan, and the trees surrounding it were so green they literally hurt my eyes, but in the best possible way. It was too beautiful.

The place is truly untainted by man. An emerald fairytale or "Lord of the Rings-esque" landscape right at the bottom of France. I wanted to capture the landscape with Lomochrome Purple film to provide a different dreamier perspective that mimicked the feelings of awe and wonder I experienced there.

© Andrew Foster

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