DigitaLIZA: The $30 Lifesaver


When Lomography released the DigitaLIZA 35mm film scanner this week, I knew I just HAD to have it! So when it arrived this afternoon I quickly put it to use scanning some of my Spinner 360 negatives.

Finding a way to scan the sprocket holes on our beloved 35mm film hasn’t always been easy. Homemade holders, struggling to use a medium format mask, taping to scanner glass, even using a digital camera and a window to “ghetto” scan are all ways we have become accustomed to preserving our unique images. Creative, yes. But time consuming and frustrating? Absolutely! Not to mention more fingerprints and dirt on our negatives from the extra handling.

Now, thanks to the DigitaLIZA from Lomography, we can set aside all those worries and concentrate on what’s important, our lomographs! Super simple to use, it fits in any flatbed scanner with a glass back and light for scanning. I used it in my Epson V500 and it worked like a charm. The magnetized strip holds the negative nice and flat, and with the included metal plate, it won’t touch the surface of your workspace, which means less dust and fingerprints!

This is the product to invest in if you are even THINKING about using a 35mm back with your Diana F+, shooting 35mm in a Lubitel, or getting funky with the super cool new Spinner 360. It can handle those long negatives, so fire away! You can have the film lab process for you, then just take it home, cut it yourself and get to it!

Just remember to uncheck the thumbnail box on your preview screen before you hit scan. You’ll need to have your settings on Professional or Custom depending on which brand of scanner you use. And to get the image to show up properly you may need to adjust the histogram appropriately. But it’s all completely worth it in the end to buy this product! I also tested it on some other 35mm negatives and it worked very well! Very nice backup mask just in case the original one you got with your scanner ever breaks.

Cheers to Lomography for releasing this wonderful and unique new product!!!

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  1. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    Mine are arriving tomorrow! Woot! I'm getting both (35mm and 120) and I have at least 13 rolls of medium format film that need scanning. Some dating back to 2006 with scenes from travels in Tajikistan. ***Oh, be still my beating heart.***

  2. johnnyhotcakes
    johnnyhotcakes ·

    i'm deffinately planning on buying this, being a student with no money is hard enough and i can make my own prints at home for free : )

  3. blistering_boots
    blistering_boots ·

    can i get this in Singapore??

  4. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Currently earning piggies for this!

  5. street_smile
    street_smile ·

    You've convinced me to go get one of these, I have the same scanner as you and the masks I'm currently using are just so time consuming. Awesome photos =)

  6. versluis
    versluis ·

    These are sooooo good! I bought the 35mm version a couple of months ago from the London shop and it's seriously transformed my scanning experience - check out my full review here:…

    Even if you don't scan your sprockets all the time, you'll scan a slightly larger area of your negatives - which is great news for Holga and Diana negs. My generic Epson mask used to clip things off a bit - not anymore, thanks to DigitaLiza ;-)

    I found that there's enough room on my A4 flatbed scanner to place two next to each other, so I now own 4 of them (2x 35mm and 2x 120).

  7. realmustache
    realmustache ·

    glad to hear it works well. i have the 35mm/120 bundle on my christmas list :)

  8. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    This item is really worth the money...glad everyone likes the article!!! Thanks!!!

  9. rose_screw_selavy
    rose_screw_selavy ·

    this DigitaLIZA is a great idea, but i don't feel like spending $30. anyone know of a similar but cheaper product?

  10. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    i returned my DigitaLIZA because i didn't have the right type of scanner *sigh*

  11. sthomas68
    sthomas68 ·

    I'm sorry to hear that itsdebraanne...what kind of scanner are you using?
    @Rose - about the only other thing you can do is tape your negatives to the glass but if using expired film you may experience some curling and sometimes you can get those "newton rings" which are tough to get rid of.

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