American Cars Captured on Film with the La Sardina: a Photo Gallery by @emkei


Old school is just so damn cool. Won't you agree? That's why we are just digging this set from seasoned Community Member @emkei.

Credits: emkei

His new album, which was shot with the La Sardina and Fuji Provia film, is just filled with a variety of gorgeous classic cars. The album offers a little something for every car aficionado — a little bit of muscle, a few soft tops, a truck, some vintage whips, and we're sure that there were a lot more. What we can't shake off though was @emkei's skill with a film camera. The Slovakian photographer knows how to fill a roll of film with some great images. Thanks for the view, @emkei! We can almost hear the rumbling of the engine and smell petrol and burning rubber in this gallery!

Credits: emkei

We would like to thank @emkei for letting us feature his images in the Magazine. You may see more of his photos in this album.

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  1. zotaylor
    zotaylor ·

    i have the exact same camera, but haven't finished my first roll of film :)

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