Elx, the City of the Palm Trees.

Elche is a small desert-like city in the Spanish Valencia Community. It’s name in Valencian is Elx and it is best known for its palm trees.

The palm trees are the image mark of this desert-like small town and you can find them everywhere. It was while studying there that I developed the love for photographing these nice trees. I even “had” one, I would always say hello to her on my way to the university!

To use the resources of the palm trees, specially the dates, people in Elx would cultivate them in “hortos”. Some are still possible to visit and since the Palmeral de Elche is World Heritage, information about the best walks to do is easy to get.

There are other two things Elche is known for. One is the Elche Mystery Play (Misteri d’Elx in Valencian), a religious play dating from the Middle Ages that commemorates the Assumption of Mary and was declared one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. It is held every year in the Basilica Menor de Santa Maria de Elche.

The other is the Lady of Elche (Dama d’Elx), an archaeological piece from the 4th century B.C. that although called lady, some people believe is actually a man… Along with the palm trees, it is one of the city’s symbol.

Because this region is extremely hot during the summer I recommend you to have a dive at one of the Mediterranean beaches near by (don’t forget Elche is on the Costa Blanca!), play around the water fountains in the city center or chill out at the city’s park, Parque Municipal. You will have the feeling of entering an oasis…!

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