Around the World in Analogue: High Tide in Venice


Venice has always been a traveling photographer's destination, being one of Europe's most romantic cities. When talking about Venice, we immediately think of long, winding canals and gondolas – the never-ending sightseeing as one passes by as many of its bridges and canals. Built on an archipelago of 118 islands, the city itself is like a maze. Venice has five main boroughs: the Mestre-Carpenedo, Marghera, Chirignago-Zelarino, and Favaro Veneto. Mestre-Carpenedo is the known heart and center and is the most populous. Aside from the unique, remarkable urban structure, Venice is home to many works for the visual arts, architecture, literature, and music, and has been a constant inspiration for such creatives (both then and now).

There is a lot to unravel and unfold about Venice, with its deep and rich history and culture. Lomographer Zoltán Borsos also known as z-borsos, is no stranger to the city, and never fails to fall in love with Venice despite the many times he has visited. To his surprise, during his latest Venetian trip last fall, his arrival was met with the city being submerged in floodwater. In spite of it all, Zoltán still captured the city’s breathtaking sights! Read about his adventure and see Venice through his lens and our Color Negative 400 film.

© Zoltán Borsos

This was my fourth time in Venice, though I always feel the same. Something like, "I could stay here for a few more years". The view and the whole atmosphere is simply stunning. Unluckily, this time Venice was flooded. We especially wanted to visit the Art Biennale.

There is something magical and also a bit surrealistic in that when you first enter into the island. You suddenly start thinking about how could they build this beautiful city in the middle of the lagoon. I think it's absolutely doesn't matter where you are inside the island, once you're there it only matters who you are with, and how much you can enjoy being lost. My personal favorite place is Arsenale di Venezia but photo subjects are basically in every single corner. 'Good subject' or 'good spot' means something different to everyone. It depends on what you think important to shoot.

I believe that the company and the activity are more important than the place that you choose to spend some free time. I had the luck to be with two great artists there. The island itself is really full of art and living history and we had so much fun wherever we went to. I can advise you to talk to as many other tourists and local people as possible. Have a chit-chat, share your stories with each other, take some lovely photos at the most surprising moments! Enjoy the present!

© Zoltán Borsos

Sadly we didn't have too much time and opportunity to enjoy any local dish. Due to the flooding most of the places were closed anyway. But there's one thing I know for sure: I drank the very best coffee of my life in Venice. You can randomly go to any coffee shop, you won't be disappointed. On our last day, because of the high water level, they stopped the vaporetto transport so we had to go on foot through the whole island. People were so kind everywhere and I felt like Venice still has that magical atmosphere but on the other hand, it was unspeakably heartbreaking to see this tragedy. I really do hope Venice survives!

Most of my trips are some kinda last-minute-opportunities (just like Venice this time). But my further plan is to get to a residency program somewhere on the planet. Possibly in the United States. It would be a real dream-come-true.

© Zoltán Borsos

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