Fresh and Seasoned: Film Experience Diptychs with Blowout and Sirio174

When it comes to exemplary analogue street photography, we are proud to say that the Lomography Community has the best collection for analogue street shots. It's quite unsurprising really when the Lomographic lifestyle coincides very well with the unspoken rules of street shooting. Today, we'd like to celebrate this feat by calling out representatives of Lomography, both old and new. Promising community member blowout a.k.a. Facundo Donini and longtime Lomographer and analogue guru sirio174 a.k.a. Davide Tambuchi cross paths into this feature as they share their skilled works on the genre.

Credits: blowout & sirio174

Kindred Visual Storytellers

Davide's been one of the community's celebrated Lomographers, having not only inspired others through his photography but also through his words and insights on analogue. A teacher and analogue advocate himself, Davide imbues a kind of aesthetic to his street photography that will pique curiosity without being heavy-handed. Davide desires to immortalize the social life in his city Como and the places he visits in an artistic way:

"The main purpose is to find the reasons that explain people's behavior in every circumstance, not only to immortalize and share moments of happiness and friendship in public events, or funny 'actions' by animals like dogs or cats."

Meanwhile, Facundo's already giving us solid impressions on his street stories since August 2019. His sunny, colorful yet careful images are nicely balanced. There's the quiet, looming enthusiasm in each shot, waiting to burst into action, thanks to the natural warmth of his images.

"With my photography, I am trying to symbolize -- in a pictorial way and from my perspective -- the places I visit in my city, are beautiful and worthy to visit. I guess this stands out for every photographer around the world with something to say."

With already seven albums in his LomoHome dedicated to his city, we anticipate more of his unique views of the Argentinian urbanscape.

Credits: sirio174

Home is Where the Art Is

There is no place like home for both Davide and Facundo.

It's no secret for most of us that Davide's favorite photography spot is his hometown in Como, Italy. The city and commune continue to inspire Davide's photography with its local culture and art scene, plus its rich history. Davide has dedicated several albums already for Como's city life -- from plaza goers, bikers, cityscapes, to beachgoers and more, simultaneously in both black and white.

Facundo's scenic muse for street photography is none other than Mar del Plata. With its name translated to the sea of the Plate region, it's the second most touristic city after the Argentinian capital, having a one of a kind seaside view and sandy beaches. There's a unique, buzzing atmosphere built in Mar del Plata as tourists from all over visit during the summer. Facundo takes inspiration from Martin Parr's work for such sights in the city. Although not limited, his photographic palette often consists of a nice, calming contrast between sky blue and rusty brown.

Credits: blowout

Street Shooting is All About Your Control

The spirit of street photography relies heavily on the artist themselves. Davide usually shoots with a 50 mm lens, occasionally using his trusted Lomo LC-A and LC-A+ cameras to add a touch of 'perfection imperfections', as he'd put it. Apart from timing and considering the whole scene, he also believes that artists should also learn how to have fun and take things at a certain pace.

"Always bring a camera with you. For a beginner, is better to use a full-automatic camera, like the legendary LC-A (LC-A+) or the Olympus XA-2. Avoid to miss the right moment is more important than the technique. Be fast, quick. Try to guess what could happen around you. Often a sudden noise, a laugh, a sudden change in people's way of walking could precede a meaningful scene."

Meanwhile, Facundo advises relying on your senses first as an artist. Hone your instincts and eye for imagery. Tools such as cameras and films come secondary: "The most important thing about photographers or members of this community is being able to share their own vision of the world. Objects and popular items from Lomo can be part of their equipment, but not more than that."

Currently, Facundo's working on a film -- leaving out further details to further surprise us -- while Davide's onto a long-term project on studying social behavior as seen in his on-going works "The Typewriter Boy", "Playgrounds", and "Cento Volte in Piazza Volta".

Credits: sirio174 & blowout

What do you think about Facundo's and Davide's street shots? Let us know more by commenting below!

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