LomoChrome Face-Off: Purple vs Metropolis by Kingfood_0505


Nick, who goes by kingfood_0505 in our Community, is a Taiwan-based Lomographer who got started in photography with an instant camera. We stumbled upon his LomoHome album, Choices: Purple or Metropolis, which is a visual comparison of our two LomoChrome emulsions. We reached out to him to know about his thoughts and experience on the LomoChrome Purple and LomoChrome Metropolis. Here is his mini-review!

Credits: kingfood_0505

First of all, I think the LomoChrome Purple and LomoChrome Metropolis are very interesting because they have a high tolerance. I bought the Lomochrome Metropolis from the previous Kickstarter campaign. I liked it very much after the test shot, so I had this interesting plan: use the same film for different shots. For this shoot, I used a Rolleiflex 2.8F with LomoChrome Purple, a Hasselblad 500 cm with LomoChrome Metropolis, and set both at ISO 320 setting. I mostly use the mobile App for metering, which is quite accurate.

I love both of them! Lomochrome Purple has fantastic colors. For some creations, there will be unique charm and surprises. Lomochrome Metropolis has high contrast and low saturation. The metal feel is perfect for taking it on adventures.

Credits: kingfood_0505

If you ask me which one I like better, it's too difficult to choose between the two. Because choosing a film is the same as what you wear when you go out. If I were going to a party or a picnic today, I will take Lomochrome Purple. If I go to the island today or go somewhere, I ’ll take the adventures I ’ve taken with Lomochrome Metropolis.

When shooting with the LomoChrome Purple, I suggest that your subject wear colorful clothes and shoot in colorful places. It will result in a very fun shoot. When the weather is good, find some light and shadow, then use Lomochrome Metropolis. Don’t hesitate, just press the shutter. Of course, you can go out with two cameras like me and load different films and use your favorite at the right time!

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