Ohad Kab: Analogue Ardor with the Lomo'Instant Square Glass and Potsdam Kino

When Israel-based photographer Ohad Kab isn't on the studio for his commercial work, he's taking his time to experiment with the latest devices for analogue photography. After testing out the Potsdam Kino film and the Lomo'Instant Square Glass, he's even more excited for the future of analogue.

© Ohad Kab

While Ohad uses digital for his commercial and advertising work, he is a huge lover of all things analogue. Ohad first learned of film photography as a part of a special course outside his school, during his third grade. He and other young analogue enthusiasts would also work in the darkroom. Three years after, he bought his own secondhand camera on a vacation in Germany, and now he's growing his large collection of film cameras. For Ohad, analogue means art, believing that the pictures he takes with film are all unparalleled and cannot be replicated by digital, no matter how it would be replicated in photo apps.

As such, he also manages the Instagram film community filmisnotdead.il, where he encourages more people to shoot in film and exchange information and knowledge. Which is why we had Ohad shoot both with the Postdam Kino film and the Lomo'Instant Square Glass. Ohad always had a penchant for instant cameras -- his first instant camera being a 103 Polaroid Land camera. He loves the spontaneity of the format and how the image comes out immediately, becoming a tangible memory from the moment. For him, the Lomo'Instant Square Glass reignited his love and interest for the medium, especially with the wide, unique options and accessories for the camera. He used the Lomo'Instant for his recent trip to Italy. He'd keep using the instant camera for trips where he wants more spontaneous snapshots.

"My wife and I love the outcome very much and to see the whole series when we return from a certain place. The camera gives me the option to be spontaneous and creative even in moments where there is not much time to frame and measure light properly. In addition in today's age that many of the images remain on the phone or on the computer, it is very important to me to have a developed image that you can feel and see and of course to put in a nice album that we always have at home with us."
© Ohad Kab taken with the Lomo'Instant Square Glass

Ohad would draw inspiration from life itself, would process the world, nature, relationships, stories, news, books, works of art and literature -- as an artist being mused by everything, his mind's often running with creative juices and how he can connect with them. For Ohad, the film formula is crucial and of significance. He recommends that the Potsdam be used for conceptual shoots and that he'd shoot with the film again for subjects of great importance to him -- a film that would give him a wide dynamic range and has great details retention. Moreover, Ohad usually shoots in color, but the Potsdam Kino's cinematic aesthetic won him over immediately.

"My impression was very good and when I scanned the photos I felt like I got them from even after editing. The image contrast was amazing and I almost didn't have to edit the image beyond to get the result I like. In addition to the film, although it was very contrast, there was a wide dynamic range and there were many details in the shadows and in the highlights. I also really liked the film punchiness and all the details jumped straight from the picture."

While juggling the responsibilities of his commercial profession, Ohad's often looking for new ways to grow as an artist. Currently, he's working on a large personal project on the social field.

© Ohad Kab taken with the Potsdam Kino

Thanks for sharing your delightful work with us, Ohad! For more of Ohad's works, visit his website and Instagram.

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