Richie Duque: Versatility and Aesthetics with the New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens

Director, photographer, and filmmaker are a few different caps that Richie Duque has worn over the past few years. Based in Long Island, New York, he has been able to tap his toes in various different genres and filmmaking projects, finding a strong interest in narrative visual storytelling. And that is exactly, why we wanted Richie to test out the New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens, our latest addition to our growing Art Lenses collection.
With its unique swirly bokeh effect, we strongly believe the Petzval 80.5 can be a valuable tool for narrative filmmakers.

Screen capture from Richie Duque

Richie's experience with photography was a natural progression from his initial background in video. His project presents emphasis and focus on specific subjects, and the New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens with its wide aperture and Bokeh control proved to be a perfect fit for his character-driven work.

“The focal length is perfect for portraits and characters. I think this would fit perfectly for some of my music video and fashion work, but I also was excited to use it for more narrative filmmaking. I think it would stand apart in certain sequences to highlight a state of mind or something more impressionistic in a script."

On a cloudy afternoon in New York, Richie and his girlfriend Meg took over the streets of Brooklyn to play around with the Petzval 80.5. When it comes to filming, Richie likes to be on all fronts, focusing, shooting and directing both his image and subjects. With the aperture ring now located on the lens itself, the Petzval 80.5 provides photographers and filmmakers more control over their settings, without altering the image footprint of the lens.

Screen capture from Richie Duque

Richie chose a very simple setting, a smooth focus, and a minimalist approach, which makes his subject beautifully stand out. The versatility of this lens offers a creative margin, with the interchangeable aperture plate system, the various Bokeh levels, and the aperture ring that, but the Petzval 80.5 can also be used with a very modest approach, like in Richie's soft and delicate shots.

“It's so ergonomic and easy to use and also really allows for so many different ways to shoot it. I love when lenses offer us all these options. Because then you can find your own personal way to use it and be sure that your work differs from everyone else's using the same exact lens."

Not only is the lens itself visually pleasing, with its brass vintage look, but Richie also highlighted how ergonomic and agreeable to handle it was, especially for a one-man job. Achieving a different and unique look is important, but for Richie, ease of use remains a priority in his work.

Screen capture from Richie Duque

Richie adopted the lens for its versatility, distinguished look, and ease of use, but he encourages photographers and videographers to get out of their comfort zone until they find a style and they're comfortable with.

"That's the great thing about this lens is that it can look totally different compared to how each photographer chooses to use it, so find your happy place with the lens' settings and then shoot away!"

For Richie, it's all about testing the waters and finding settings that each shooter feels more comfortable with. And once that sweet spot is found, there are no rules for the New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens, only to experiment, create and shoot away.

Here's Richie on the field, and his honest thoughts of the New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens after shooting with it:

For more of Richie's work, head over to his website and Instagram .

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New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII SLR Art Lens

The New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens has been designed for (d)SLR photographers and filmmakers alike. Sporting a new helicoid focusing mechanism and a stopless aperture diaphragm as well as a Waterhouse Aperture System, this lens will be available for Canon EF and Nikon F Mounts. The New Petzval 80.5 MKII is also accessible in an Advanced Bokeh Control Edition, featuring a Bokeh Control ring.

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