Surreal Constructs — A Monochrome Series by @guin with the Neptune Art Lens System


Lines, frames, and optical illusions make up this artistic monochrome album by Community Member @guin. Shot entirely with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, this photo gallery reminds us of a mix between photo collages, abstract photography, and the works of visual artist MC Escher.

Credits: guin

Community Member @guin showcases his eye for art, architecture, and love for photography in his recent conceptual work. He skillfully combines technical prowess and artistic composition with this series of monochrome multiple-exposure photographs of bridges. He confesses that he's been loving the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System and it's no surprise that these wildly imaginative shots were taken with the system's Thalassa 35mm Art Lens.

Credits: guin

We would like to thank @guin for letting us feature his images in the Magazine.

written by cheeo on 2020-02-20 #gear #places #monochrome #multiple-exposure #neptune-thalassa #guin

Neptune Convertible Art Lens System

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